May 29/16 Sun Morning BJJ

Finally caught up on my gibberish!! 




Just tying to keep in shape… Jitz once to twice a week ain’t enough lol!!! 


Our jam below!!!
Clip of us rolling!! 



May 23/16 Random Holiday Morning BJJ


Repped out x-pass to arm-bar a few times, then rolled 5×4 mins rounds with Josh and Justin.

Barn burning rounds lol… these young guys keep me on my toes lol.



May 22/16 Sun Morning BJJ



Moving a tire around and stuff b4 jitz!!
Huge Sunday class!!
A clip of us jamming below!!! 



May 15/16 Sun BJJ



Always gotta get some kinda strength and conditioning in before the homies come in lol…

Smaller class with 15 min warm-up, 45 mins of drilling the x-pass by it self, then chaining the arm-bar, and then to kimura. We then reviewed a back take double lapel strangle from full harness or seat belt.

Clip of us rolling…


May 14/16 Nogi with G


May 8/16 Sun BJJ