Apr 25/16 Mon BJJ

Didn’t want to go… went eitherway.

Wrist was really feeling it. Eitherway, Thor had me running the warm-up.

A small 10 minute warm-up with standard stuff.


He then had us rep the butterfly sweep, with an under hook belt grip from a sleeve, arm drag stuff from open guard back and forth for a few 10 minute rounds.

I partnered with Thor.

Repped out like a million of them lol… nuts!!!

Didn’t roll…





Apr 13/16 Wed BJJ


Keith ran the class this day… he had us rep a back take entry from closed guard tricep and cross collar control to both foot on the hips sit up to back take. I partnered with Morgo… great stuff. We essentially worked on this for an hour. Then rolled lol great stuff….

Rolled with Morgo, Evan, Tony then Luke??

Got tossed by Tony….judo style.


A toast to old and new injuries lol


Apr 11/16 Mon BJJ


Catching up!!

Got to LEMMA around 5:45 pm…

Rhino ran the class… had us work on duck unders.

Technique was a guard break that involved trapping the arm.

Rolling was 10 minute rounds. Travis, Rupert, & some really big tall guy, think his name was Evan… as big and tall as big red. Definitely newer… weird how they always ask for the roll. Great stuff, tough rounds. Guy’s weren’t letting up lol… giving it their all.


Some guys too much lol.

Ahhh well, the learning curve I guess.

Apr 10/16 Sun BJJ

Yes… there was snow this Sunday morning…

Hello snow… 5 cm sure lol.


Oh well the monkey was up at 6 am. Thanks to the wife, I got to sleep in till 8 am lol. Yep, got in some coffee, walked the dog, then gym by 9 am.


Yep got some rowing in…

Also other random activities lol…

We had a newer attendee. Tyler Duke, wow is this dude is big… think he’s a cop. Great stuff though, lots of potential and willingness to learn. Warm-up was standard, on 15 min. Drilling started with hip-bump sweeps, the hip-bump to kimura, the hip-bump to kimura to Omaplata’s. Then it was the pendulum sweep, then pendulum to arm-bar. Finishing with the scissor sweep, then scissor to mount x-collar choke. Great stuff… 1 min bangers. Next we reviewed the tripod sweep which moved into a chain of progressive control and attacks. Sweep, mount, side s-mount, harness, wing-choke, bow-choke, arm-bar. We’ve been working on this, piece by piece for the past few months on Sundays. The guys that show up get it… its beautiful to watch lol. We followed-up with troubleshooting issues everyone had, then 6×5 min rounds of hard rolling. Even class meant I only got to roll when Gare bear tapped himself out lol… think he was mad at me for something lol…. home boys gotta learn to be able to pace themselves lol. Oh well, here to coach. Small sacrifices for a better good. Helping BJJ grow as a whole. I get lots of rolling in during the week still, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays… most often Fridays. At least I come in at 9 am on Sundays to get conditioning in… or whatever you want to call it lol.


Clip of me pushing the homies a little this Sunday, grinding below… lol

April 4/16 Monday BJJ

Still going lol and behind…

Got to LEMMA around 5:45 pm… made sure to slap on my shin guard. Great stuff lol… oh and chugged a bunch of coffee.


Maybe I should…
BJJ as a career? lol
Fun? Absolutely

Kid Lightning ran the warm-up with a bunch of tumbling, forward/reverse shrimping, and forward/reverse rolling. He then had us review the double under-pass to darce… lovely. Ironically he hit it in his cage match this past weekend, with no arm. Neat. Almost looks like a N/S choke. Well a little bit of both. Variation ninjama stuff.


Great stuff though. Beautiful in fact… seeing BJJ work in the cage. Kid is a great inspiration to me… motivated me. Ever since i started, way back on 2008 lol.


I partnered with TBT Steve for the review. We then had a few rounds of rolling. 5 min rounds. First with Steve, Thor, and then Ryan… great stuff. Veal said to flow. Um yeah…



Lol… twas a fantastic class!!


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Apr 17/16 Sun BJJ

Long over due post… been busy. Training from April 17th lol. Wife say’s just work on them lol
Sometimes I feel lost, sometimes I feel uncomfortable, sometimes overwelmed, sometimes I wanna give up… like whats the point. No one cares… maybe it’s the injuries?


Reality is, the mat put’s me back together mentally… here and now. Just worrying about the moment. All you problems just melt away, when you are worrying about being choked. Just show up.


Yes I managed to get some training before the class lol…


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Blah lol… BJJ soon. 🙂

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15 mins warm-up, 30 min drilling closed guard sweeps and chaining submissions, reviewed some technique, and then 6×5 mins rounds of rolling. It was Philippes bday a few days ago… so we kinda shark tanked him.

Fun slow mo roll with newer Mark lol!!

Either way, keep showing up… I do lol.

Just make sure to take time off when injured or you just keep injuring yourself!!


Will try to get another one in before calling it a night.


Apr 6/16 Wed BJJ

Yes lol I know behind.


We had our final gradings for the week… a lot of over due belts a few kids, blues, a purple and a few degrees on browns.

Wooo congrats to all!!

#TrainintheGI, say’s Marcelo Garcia, your jiu-jitsu will get better.

Train in the GI, say’s T-son, not only will your BJJ  get better, but the belts you level up with, you can actually wear to hold together your GI jacket and up your pants lol 🙂

Cute picture my homie Travis took from a Sunday class yipping BJJ BS…


Promotions, gradings, and belts mean different things to everyone.

Everyone’s journey is different!

We all train BJJ for different reasons… gotta respect the reason’s. Without the reasons, there wouldn’t be people training. Without the people training, there would’t be BJJ.


This blog has been good to me, an opportunity to reflect, think, and grow on opportunities I wouldn’t have rather if I didn’t blog. A reflection of my BJJ and its continued evolution. Tracking personal progress, changes, attitude, learning experiences, and just random gibberish, kind of like a painting or self portrait that could in turn be reflective of my mat time which of course can never be taken away, ever… especially when its in my blog lol.

Been harder lately with chasing my kid around lol… more eh??? Yah more eventually lol.

Random chaotic beauty… Gibberish, which is a good reflective representation of what a none BJJ practitioner would see lol.


Thor had us do 5 mins of arches and 5 mins of forward/backwards shrimping. He also made us do butterfly sweeps as well as turn over re-guarding for 5 mins each.


Then we rolled. 5 mins with Luke, Juneau, Deseil, Josh, and then bigger Josh lol… yes there is a bigger Josh. Blue belt too, Haha.


Great stuff!!!


Apr 1/16 Open Mat

Got some time to kill… let’s bight down on this bit by bit… the marathon lol.


Open mat jamming, 5 min rounds. 1 with Trav, Gary, Kyle, Kole, Derek, Hector, Jared, & 2 with Andrew.

Got in a lot of rounds, I was feeling healthy.


Boy did the guys push me… great stuff!!. Homeboys are hungry.


Slow motion with Kyle… lol. 5 min rounds.

Great Open Mat!!!

Wed Mar 30/16 BJJ


Second day of gradings… so many peeps lol… sooooo many.

I believe Thor ran the class this night.

Warm-up with running around, forward/reverse shrimping,  sit-outs, break-falls to technical stands, 5 mins of standing arm drags, worked on a butterfly sweep, then positional king of the mat.

Mount, back, and closed guard?

Forget been a while lol…

Love it!!




Great stuff we continued with grading’s! Congratulations to all that leveled up today and I fully apologize for my delay and procrastination.

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