Watch “July 31/16 Sunday Morning BJJ” on YouTube


My homie Andrew’s BDay… 
Got in early, swept the mats, warmed up and stretched for 45 mins. I really need to started rowing again… seriously. Hard getting a good work out town, especially in the summers, with 12 to 16 hours of your day on the job lol… 
Ended up doing a hard 20 min warm-up run by Nathan, 20 mins reviewing 2 variations of the paper cutter strangle, then a 20 mins shark tank starting for the Bday boy. 
10 mins for him on the bottom starting with closed guard, then 10 mins for him inside others closed guard until either the first point or submission for the next person in line.
Marc definitely loved it lol.
Yes we all lined up lol… fresh for the bday boy.



Happy birthday buddy!!

Great stuff!!


May 14/16 Nogi with G


Apr 30/16 Sat Nogi With G


Got in my 2nd set in the morning…

3rd set during nogi…

Apr 27/16 Wed BJJ

Slowly but surely lol… getting this done.
Damn straight… fed the monkey and went into the gym.


Sooo what injuries?

Gotta get some kinda bjj in… training that is.

Thor ran the class. Warm-up was a bunch of various shrimps around the mat, back archw, and then head strengthening exercises. He then had us review the butterfly fly sweep while being flattened out and two collar grips, which then sequenced into an inverted straight arm lock…. great stuff!!

I partnered with Aussey Mike and we repped  it out like a million times.





Apr 24/16 Sun BJJ


Wow… a month ago lol.

Either way I gotta catch up!!


Then some workout stuff I caught on tape below…

Training session from April 24th… below.


Apr 23/16 Sat BJJ

Whoa lol… Nogi!!


Without a Gi lol

Boom shakalakah… hahah

Went to 2pm Nogi with my buddy… start them early lol. Kid is just starting to walk lol.


Apr 25/16 Mon BJJ

Didn’t want to go… went eitherway.

Wrist was really feeling it. Eitherway, Thor had me running the warm-up.

A small 10 minute warm-up with standard stuff.


He then had us rep the butterfly sweep, with an under hook belt grip from a sleeve, arm drag stuff from open guard back and forth for a few 10 minute rounds.

I partnered with Thor.

Repped out like a million of them lol… nuts!!!

Didn’t roll…