Clubs Visited…

Most BJJ’ers plan their vacations or even competitions around their training regime and thus make opportunities to visit other BJJ facilities. Being in shape and maintaining a specific physical form keeps you ready for competitions. This is pertinent for personal growth and health as a BJJ martial artist for the long journey. Been training at Leading Edge MMA, in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. We have a few Black Belts, Matt Richer who is the owner/head instructor and Keith MacGillivray. A number of Brown Belts, a few Purple Belts and numerous Blue Belts. As far as our lineage its Matt Richer, who is under 3rd degree black belt Dan Moroney, who is under 7th degree red/black belt Royler Gracie of Team Gracie Humaita, son of the late Helio Gracie.


A few clubs I have visited:
  • Dragan JJ, Alliance, Kitchener/Waterloo, ON CA
  • Shredder MMA/Troop BJJ, Sudbury, ON CA
  • Cobra Kai, Las Vegas, NV US
  • Empowerment Martial Arts & Wellness Center Kitchener/Waterloo, ON CA
  • APEX Jiu Jitsu, Duluth MN US
Soo many clubs I want to train at:
  • Bravado JJ, Toronto, ON CA
  • Jolins, Hamilton, ON CA
  • Next Level Combat, (10th Planet JJ), St Paul, MN, US
  • Action & Reaction MMA, ON CA
  • Next Level Combat, (10th Planet JJ), St Paul, MN, US
  • BJJ Globetrotters, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Alliance (Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza’s), Atlanta, US
  • Marcelo Garcia, New York, US
  • Art of Jiu Jitsu Academy (Rafael & Guilherme Mendes), Costa Mesa, CA, US
  • Cicero Costha’s Academy “Lutando pelo Bem”(João & Paulo Miyao, & Leandro Los BJJ club), São Paulo, Brazil

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