Just a few Comps…

2013 Chicago, Winter Open

2013-03-09 09.14.25-1

My first tournament as a blue belt lightweight masters division… first tournament period. My buddy Morgan Frazer’s battery ran out near the end… I lost to points in a reversal, after getting sent outabounds… the referee reset with my opponent on my back with hooks. Oh well, almost won… achieved my first goal with a takedown in my first match ever… 

2013 NAGA, Minneapolis


Great battles with both opponents… for my second tournament.


2013 Submission Hunt, Minneapolis

20131208_151651_Oxbow Creek Dr N

No one in my division so I went up weight to have a match… it was close real close, almost controversial oh well life goes on…

Absolute Division… speaks for itself… I should have held on to the choke instead of letting it go in the spur of the moment… live and learn.

2013 Northern BJJ Open, Sudbury

20130817_145352_Rose Marie Ave

 I was not prepared… no one in my division, went up and competed in the adult monster division… live and learn respect to my opponent on his submission and to win the whole tournament.

2014 Ontario International BJJ Open


My GI match was a battle… respect to my opponent who came out to win the whole tournament. 

2014 Submission Challenge, Minneapolis


Game plan was completely wrong should have been more assertive… the relaxed approach was not the way to go especially with these killers 12 min matches… I had to go up a weight division, there was no one to match up on in my registered division, and they were definitely not above 30… them young bucks. Respect to the fellow that subbed me.

2015 Submission Hunt, Minneapolis


Live and learn… move on.


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