BJJFourLife, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Academy

An academy that is committed to serve our community with Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ), self-defense and Martial Arts in Thunder Bay. Our goal is to improve your strength, flexibility, overall health both physically and mentally. Our studio will provide a safe, fun, family like environment.

BJJFoulife, is the first BJJ and self-defense school only in Thunder Bay. We are led by Tson Douangmala who received his BJJ blackbelt in 2021 from Professor Dan Moroney 4th degree blackbelt of Bravodo Jiu-jitsu under legendary Royler Gracie and Professor Matt Richer, 2nd degree blackbelt owner of Leading Edge MMA.

Tson Douangmala has been instructing classes for Leading Edge MMA since his bluebelt. Classes will be taught with a hands-on approach in a fun, friendly, family oriented environment. The class structure supports everyone: those wanting to develop skills for combat, those wishing to compete, and those who wish to enjoy this art as a hobby.

We will focus on defense first by neutralizing your opponent’s strength and size advantages through ground combat procedures, with situations involving controlled joint locks and submission holds. We will teach students that on the ground, physical attributes can be offset or enhanced through proper BJJ techniques to defend your-self.

BJJ is for everyone. Our classes will be suitable for all body types and fitness levels. BJJ training promotes a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. Most importantly BJJ promotes community and promotes building friendship and self-confidence.

Please reach out to us at the following email or come try a class to see how our Academy and BJJ can help you meet your goals!

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