Mar 20/16 Sun BJJ

Am I catching up or what??

Busy freaking weekend this was lol… parents flew in Friday night, and had to be at the airport by Sunday 1:00 pm, yep it was tight lol… class then airport.

You bet… I still came in to train lol.


Clip of me grinding below… 8×4 tire flips, 25×4 push-ups, forward/backward/side rolling and some sweeping.

The warm-up was by Nathan the Doc Hatton. I then got the boys & gal to sweep drill with chained submissions. We then reviewed the bow choke to arm-bar transitioning and the top mount x-collar choke. Wow a lot of questions lol… next time questions after class!. Then a few 5 min rounds of rolling. I had to drive my parents to the airport for 1pm…. yes cutting it close, the guys didn’t roll enough rounds, got heckled from my homie. lol live and learn.

Smaller class but hey!!! guys showed up!!


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