Mar 2/16 Wed Night BJJ

Hardly catching up lol, especially while chasing around a little monkey… yeah the kid is fast. lol

Got to LEMMA around 5:30 pm this day…
G was teething again so he needed some extra time eating.


Poor guy… wish I could absorb all his pain. Apparently the pain babies endure during teething could induce a grown adult into a mental state of insanity and be possibly emitted to a psychiatric institution. Who knows.




Guess that’s why we all forget when we grow up…

Tylenol, food, formula, and sleep. He was shivering…

Today Thor had us rep out the side control escape, into a re-guard, a rolling sweep, when they set up a low x-pass, then negating the pass when your opponent shifts their weight backwards realising they are going to get swept. I believe I partnered with Aussie Mike or Nathan for this. Rolled with Nathan, Mike, Thor, Jason & possibly a few others… probably 5 min rounds.

Honestly, I forget, its been a while, who knows lol.

I start this, then I get distracted…


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