Mar 20/16 Sun BJJ

Am I catching up or what??

Busy freaking weekend this was lol… parents flew in Friday night, and had to be at the airport by Sunday 1:00 pm, yep it was tight lol… class then airport.

You bet… I still came in to train lol.


Clip of me grinding below… 8×4 tire flips, 25×4 push-ups, forward/backward/side rolling and some sweeping.

The warm-up was by Nathan the Doc Hatton. I then got the boys & gal to sweep drill with chained submissions. We then reviewed the bow choke to arm-bar transitioning and the top mount x-collar choke. Wow a lot of questions lol… next time questions after class!. Then a few 5 min rounds of rolling. I had to drive my parents to the airport for 1pm…. yes cutting it close, the guys didn’t roll enough rounds, got heckled from my homie. lol live and learn.

Smaller class but hey!!! guys showed up!!


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Mar 18/16 Fri Open Mat

Again… Another one I started and didn’t finish. lol


A reason why I show up to train… no matter what lol.

I’ll keep it short and very sweet.

Our Friday night jam session below… .5 min rounds, 1 with Nathan, Travis, Kara, Sandra, & 4 with Jason. Yes 4 lol…. boooom



Mar 16/16 Wed BJJ

DON’T want to train… but it was BJJ Wednesday!!


TBH, I was dreading going in to train today… tired, sore, and the dumping of snow wasn’t encouraging.



The little guy has been sick, so tending to his coughing or waking up while the wife tends is crazy. Hard to believe our parents went through this.


If they can do it, we absolutely have the ability to lol.

Thank god I went in though.


Thor ran the class, warm-ups with some running, forward/reverse shrimps, break falls to technical stands, sit outs, then arm drag flow drilling and takedowns. I partnered with Aussie Mike…. We then rolled with 5 min rounds.

Clip or our class below…

Aussie Mike, Juneau, Mitch’s buddy tall big new guy Evan??, Brent from Geraldton, some big guy Mike from St Catherine’s that trains with Gracie Barra who forgot his GI, and then Josh… homeboys grilled me lol.


I lived lol



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Mar 14/16 Mon BJJ

I believe today we reviewed the triangle. I do remember our little homie Mitch being rhetoric about an omaplata lol… yes must be this.


Tough rounds today, 5 mins each… Veal said flow rolling, not sure guys were flowing lol. Kevin, Josh, Juneau, Kole, Thorburn, Veal, and then with Jason.


The guys weren’t letting up lol.
Homies were relentless.

Great stuff!!!

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Mar 13/16 Sunday BJJ

Busy freaking weekend this was lol…

Yes lol… got me some rowing in… and I’m slowly creeping up.

Here’s me banging myself on the boxes in slow motion lol.

Clip of the class jamming below… Warm-up with movement exercises, drilling sweeps with chaining a submission, reviewed the wing to bow choke, then 5 min rounds of rolling.

Great class, smaller group of guys… oh well. We all worked hard. 


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Mar 11/16 Fri Open Mat

Ooops, been so behind….


Start these things, then get distracted by the dog, wife or monkey lol… hilarious that I actually forgot to start this one.

Either way, hasn’t been doing me very good. Still behind, but hey I’ll plug away. Thank god for the clips I take during the class or open mats, good documentation of what I did lol.


Rolling rolling lots of fun rolling… 8 min rounds with Morgo, a few Juneau, a few with Jason, and then Eric. Clip below.

Love these homies… my second home and family!!



Mar 9/16 Mon & Wed BJJ


What are the odds… went out to a local Indian restaurant Sunday night.

The only one in town btw, offers a buffet, and got sick.


Didn’t get ma training in… 😦



Still went in though on Wednesday lol

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Mar 6/16 Sunday BJJ

lol… Completion in due time.


Yep got to the gym at 9:30 am.

Got me some rowing…

Clip of some random exercises after the rows. Damaged my shins again lol.


Homies did get in on time… decent class, even had Tony come in.

Clip of our class below…