Watch “Oct 28/16 Fri Open Mat” on YouTube

It was a much needed open mat session this past Friday… guy’s were awesome.  Oh boy was I ever sore lol… thank god for the barley sandwiches lol. 

#Blueberrybeer hahah

10 min rounds, with some GI nogi action. 1 × Jesse, 2 × Kyle, 2 × Marc, 1 x Brandon, 3 × Nathan, and 2 × Kole. Homies didn’t let up… Jesse was a warm-up, Marc and Nathan were technical. The other few were competition mode. Great stuff!! Great rolls. Learned a lot from this open mat. Really avoided my ribs from getting tweaked. My wrist was definitely hard to avoid further abuse. A lot of rolling today. 


Watch, “July 29/16 Open Mat” Youtube



5 min rounds… some went over lol.


3 with Thor, then 1 with Mike, Kait, Brandon, Nathan, and Kyle… great night, got subbed numerous times with a toe hold. Gotta revise for these scenarios, either way it was super humid and fun!!


May 23/16 Random Holiday Morning BJJ


Repped out x-pass to arm-bar a few times, then rolled 5×4 mins rounds with Josh and Justin.

Barn burning rounds lol… these young guys keep me on my toes lol.



May 14/16 Nogi with G


Apr 29/16 Friday Open Mat

Got to open mat… didn’t roll, wrist was bad… real bad.


Only had eneough energy to get in 100 push ups.

Had to get in a total of 1000… started today due to a challenge lol.

Apr 8/16 Friday Night Open Mat

Woops missed this blurb… still soooo many days to catch up on.

Been a little busy lol.


Open Mat therapy was fantastic for this day!

Much needed today.


Clip from the long ass open mat…


My haze for my homie in slow mo lol congratulations umbre, your journey continues, hope you get magical blue belt powers like I did lol.

Apr 1/16 Open Mat

Got some time to kill… let’s bight down on this bit by bit… the marathon lol.


Open mat jamming, 5 min rounds. 1 with Trav, Gary, Kyle, Kole, Derek, Hector, Jared, & 2 with Andrew.

Got in a lot of rounds, I was feeling healthy.


Boy did the guys push me… great stuff!!. Homeboys are hungry.


Slow motion with Kyle… lol. 5 min rounds.

Great Open Mat!!!