July 3/16 Sunday Morning BJJ





Actually suprised at the attendance, especially with the beautiful weather…

Great stuff homies!!

15 min warm-up run by my homie Nathan. 45 mins of a torreando passing variation transitioning to knee-belly, then to a spinning arm-bar, kimura, and then an arm-bar with the same kimura grip control. Then we reviewed a closed guard lapel cross collar choke. Finished with 5×5 min rounds of rolling.

Quick clip with our mat cleanliness, random stretching, then the class… enjoy lol!


3 days in a row… been a while.

Missed those days lol

June 26/16 11 am Sunday Morning BJJ




We trained… beautiful day as well. Didn’t expect many, but a hey a few did show up!!! Ossssss!!

Congrats to Jrock on his weekend success!! 

Hope my kid takes to BJJ like him… he’s grown so much. Love watching him grow!!

Beast!! he takes after his dad in size… heavyweight!
Him and his dad barely miss the Sunday Jams!! train train train, your work will show!! shity with my working out of town in the summers…. but hey, I work so I can train lol. Winter is when I can train.


Even got some stretching, mat cleanliness and b-balling… yep always fun times when you have the gym to your self at 9:00 am lol…

Then the class…


But again good…

We did a 15 min warm-up, then got the homies to rep out micro movements for the x-pass/knee-belly/spinning arm-bar, then reviewed a typical closed guard x-collar strangle, and then we rolled 2×10 min rounds.




June 19/16 Sunday Fathers Day BJJ

Small class… only me and Dr Hatton this past Sunday.


Got to hang with the family for the rest, soooo it was a great day!



Got some rowing in… in the am of course




Look what I found in my kids cubby… lol


May 23/16 Random Holiday Morning BJJ


Repped out x-pass to arm-bar a few times, then rolled 5×4 mins rounds with Josh and Justin.

Barn burning rounds lol… these young guys keep me on my toes lol.



May 1/16 Sunday BJJ




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Oh boy lol… BJJ soon!!

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Smaller class!

Still trained lol….


Jan 25/16 Mon BJJ


Wow tone of new guys and gals OMT…

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Tonne of rat mats tonight! Osss

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Show up and train…



Class was a great… had a visitor from Toronto, Natasha. Trains at Body of Four, with Mike Aviado and those group of killers. Have only met him a few time at the Ontario Open, seems like a great guy, even have him a a BJJ Facebook friend lol… hoping to roll with him one day.
Thor had us do a standard warm-up, then he got us to review a closed guard back take, then a closed guard arm-bar. Fan-freaking-tastic. I didn’t roll, due to my wrist. Could barley do a few of the warm-up exercises… still tried.

Partnered with Mitch… kid is picking up things quick. Training hard and a lot had his first competition not too long ago… i commend him. Competition isn’t for the weak. We repped out the back take, then the arm-bar quite a few times.


Word… Thor’s recruited a few potential BJJer’s from his work. Fan-freaking-tastic, had an extra Gi to lend one of them. That I’ve only worn once. I have the identical Gi in an A0 and all patched up… It’s an A1 in case I ever gain the weight back and need it to be IBJJF legal.


I Gi hoard, truth i think of weird stuff like that. Especially if you like the style and brand. Fact is the A0, I still use in my rotation regularily, so you never know. But… I had an extra Gi to lend.

Turned out homie wanted to borrow it for a week. lol
That’s like lending your under wear out…  yeah no lol.

Either-way, I told the new guy that I’ll be taking it home and washing it right after. He asked if he could borrow it for a week or so until he figured out buying a Gi . In which I said no… I like my Gi’s cleaned regularly with after every use. I remember my first Gi as a white belt. It sure as hell wasn’t and I bought it, if I was lent one… I would have treated it worse. I ended up throwing it away, a Royal blue Reevo, very old model with no patches lol. He then asked if whether I would sell it… the following things popped into my head.

  • I have this exact GI one in a A0…
  • I wasn’t really gonna gain any extreme weight back…
  • I wore this particular Gi only once…

I offered it to him for $150 Canadian, which I thought was fair under the circumstances, I wasn’t in no way going to lend it to him for a week lol weird… especially since I didn’t even know him or whether he would return, or how he would actually treat it… He said that he would think about it and let me know after class. I agreed. I also lent him a white belt, which was my very first one… I told him he could get a GI online for $100 Canadian. I wasn’t intending to sell it or lend it out for a week lol. Shoot that’s weird,  especially when you know how much you perspire while training BJJ and the idea that it would be well taken care of made it easy to say no, I’ll just take it home.

I bought that puppy brand new for $104.00 USD, with shipping and handling at $25.00 USD & taxes $16.77 USD … that being said, totaled $145.77 USD.

The exchange rate not even sure back then… the bill on my paypay indicated 145.77 USD. However, currently…

exchange 1

$206.86 Can lol…

They GI I plan on selling doesn’t exist anymore at $150 CN… but these are very similar prices.


soooo… $119 + $25 Shipping + $18.72 tax = $162.72 USD

exchange 2

$230.91 Can lol

That being said my original offer of $150CN was legit… he got a deal. My white belt however… guess he didn’t want the hassle of buying one online… I wasn’t going to sell it to him, but when he said $200 for both… 


I was gonna give my kid that white belt… but for 50 bucks, I can buy 10 of them lol.


One of my homies said I was a ruthless business person… I think it was pretty realistic that my original price of $150 CN was more then fair lol…

The logic and numbers don’t lie…

Truth is when you talk about a fair price, its always dependent on what the consumer market has the ability to spare. If they can afford it, they will pay for it. People don’t buy Rolex’s because they are dependable… they buy them because they can lol. However, unfortunately price can also be a delusion of dependability, and hold a high standard. 

If they can’t afford it, and still want to pay for it, you offer them a solution… which I did. The belt could be bought online for $10 bucks and I even explained that he could find a Gi online for $100.

BJJ related ranting gibberish over…