Sat Jiu Jitz

Sat April 5 BJJ

Not a big class yesterday… Albino Rhino, Morgan, Big Rig, TBT Steve, Marco and myself on site to punish ourselves… the knee was still sore… Guess everyone went a little hard on Friday hahaha.


Quick clip of the warm up below…

Drilled some closed guard hip bump sweeps, to a mount x-collar choke, quick clip below…

Drilled some closed hip bump sweeps to a mount, then armbar while your partner pushes off, the a hitch hiker escape, with a stiff arm or collar tie to re-guard, quick clip below…

Worked on some positional back take submissions at full resistance with the seatbelt harness, some clips below:

Myself with Morgan. then Marco…

Myself and the Albino Rhino below…

The boys then did some topless yoga… after. I didn’t get a picture, had to get home to hang with the family.



Mon Jiu-Jitz

Arrived at LEMMA at roughly 5:15 pm to hit up some Open Mat.

5:00 pm Open Mat

1. 3 x 10 min rounds with Luke, 1st round warm up, 2 rounds working top pressure game

2. 1 x 5 min Round with Trina, working bottom guard retention with back take

3. 2 x 10 min with Steve, hard technical rounds

6:30 pm Class

Rhino ran the class tonight and went through collar tie counter with a 2 on 1 with pressure on the arm/shoulder and elbow into a take down.

Below is the closest video I could find similar on YouTube for further reference. Its also called a Russian tie up apparently.

Rolling (3 min Rounds)

Never been a fan of short rounds, as people tend to give you all they got… and gas out…

1. Trina with focus was on close guard.

2. Young new white belt guy with focus was on back take… this guy had blood in his eyes… good thing I didn’t give him any space… he wanted to smash me lol. New spazzy white belts… respect, you gotta start somewhere.. and heck he has his own GI, respect.

3. Juneau with focus was on back take.

4. Rhino with focus on defending his chokes.

5. Another young new white belt guy with focus on maintaining mount.

6. The French Man, Philippe, working my top game.

Out and home by 7:55 pm

Have a great night all!!