Oct 26/15 5:30 pm BJJ

Yep downed a pot before heading to LEMMA, wow… sooo many guys OTM, for open mat. Guess its that time of the year where hanging out in the sun isn’t really an option. Come out to the gym and roll… booom shakalaka… lol

Barely any room in the cage… which was fantastic.

“My obsession will become your addiction…” in a deep Darth Vader voice.



Some regulars missing though.


Rhino was in for the class and he made us review shooting a double leg with a very nice break down which were in 5 stages with the following… note that you have to be close enough to touch your opponents shoulders. I partnered with my homie Juneau.

  1. Level change
  2. Penetration step with the lead foot, enough to be even with them
  3. Knee down between your opponents legs, with your shoulder touch their hips
  4. Hands behind the knee with head looking up
  5. Then the lift and drive towards the direction of the knee that’s down, including a step around with the other leg

Loved this… this was awesome!!

I included a wiki link below with more detail for further reference


He then got us to roll… the most important part of BJJ


5 mins rounds, 1 min breaks.

Rolling: (5 mins, 1 min break)

  1. Caribbean
  2. Venom
  3. Thor
  4. Rock Climber
  5. The French man

Great class, love reviewing stuff I’m not remotely good at…

Little by little.. continue to attend classes with guys that have strengths that shadow your weakness… your BJJ and grappling will improve!!

 Loved the tough rounds at the end!!


Oh and I did manage to get some rowing in… 40 mins straight… results below.


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Mon Jiu-Jitz

Arrived at LEMMA at roughly 5:15 pm to hit up some Open Mat.

5:00 pm Open Mat

1. 3 x 10 min rounds with Luke, 1st round warm up, 2 rounds working top pressure game

2. 1 x 5 min Round with Trina, working bottom guard retention with back take

3. 2 x 10 min with Steve, hard technical rounds

6:30 pm Class

Rhino ran the class tonight and went through collar tie counter with a 2 on 1 with pressure on the arm/shoulder and elbow into a take down.

Below is the closest video I could find similar on YouTube for further reference. Its also called a Russian tie up apparently.

Rolling (3 min Rounds)

Never been a fan of short rounds, as people tend to give you all they got… and gas out…

1. Trina with focus was on close guard.

2. Young new white belt guy with focus was on back take… this guy had blood in his eyes… good thing I didn’t give him any space… he wanted to smash me lol. New spazzy white belts… respect, you gotta start somewhere.. and heck he has his own GI, respect.

3. Juneau with focus was on back take.

4. Rhino with focus on defending his chokes.

5. Another young new white belt guy with focus on maintaining mount.

6. The French Man, Philippe, working my top game.

Out and home by 7:55 pm

Have a great night all!!