Mar 14/16 Mon BJJ

I believe today we reviewed the triangle. I do remember our little homie Mitch being rhetoric about an omaplata lol… yes must be this.


Tough rounds today, 5 mins each… Veal said flow rolling, not sure guys were flowing lol. Kevin, Josh, Juneau, Kole, Thorburn, Veal, and then with Jason.


The guys weren’t letting up lol.
Homies were relentless.

Great stuff!!!

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Dec 7/15 BJJ

Wow lol from last Monday…

But dammit I went in… did it again… went to BJJ, in which I shouldn’t have.

Oh well… I felt in in the morning…

The sprawling may have slightly loosened my ankle while some rolling may have tweaked it in a positive manner.

You know how we know you learned something… cause we saw you doing it under pressure while rolling… the mat doesn’t lie.


If you learned it… we saw it… tatami don’t lie.

Shall see in the morning I was thinking to myself lol… either way I had slapped on a bunch of tiger balm, tape, and even two types of braces… soft cotton with a semi hard neoprene style brace with velcro…


Plenty of ankle support…

I partnered with Dr Shat Hatton… we drilled old man style. yep I said it.

Old man drilling lol… it exist.

Great class, Rolled with Shat, Eric, Beast Sushi, hmmmmm who else?? man… oh! Jack… 6 foot skinny boy Jack. Wow long time since he’s been on the mat.


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Dec 2/15 BJJ


Its nice with this blogging thing to be able to blab about random thoughts, things that occur and what I feel portraits my slight addiction to BJJ… very slight.

Is this a reflection of my reality? Or is it a reflection of what I want people to see. Is this life? Or is it what I want people to see… lol well proof is in the pudding I guess… mat time is mat. None of that can be taken away. Blood sweat, tears of joy from being choked out and pushed by your fellow training partners.

Between the foot, and ankle now lol… life is life, maybe its telling me to relax?


Then I snap back to reality and boom… am I dead?

So… picked up the little guy after work, limped around the house with him, fed him and got myself ready for BJJ lol.

Tape… plenty of tape, tiger balm, and ibuprofen lol. Yep


Dedication or stupidity… probably closer to stupidity. Either way I went to BJJ lol… didn’t want to miss learning something someone else would have without myself being OTM…


Caleb was in which was nice… he’s been telling me that he want to train every Wednesday now. He showed up second week in a row!


Coach got us to do a few takedowns… 2 in fact. Thor reviewed the double. The single, and a heel pick. He also got us to review a guard jump to an arm-bar, crazy cray cray!

I wanted to roll… my body was telling me no. Noticed coach Keith eating chocolate covered nuts… went over to enjoy a few while the white belts rolled. Yep a lot of white belts OTM…


Reality is… the destination is the same. No need to rush. I need good ankles and feet to continue this journey lol.


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Oct 26/15 5:30 pm BJJ

Yep downed a pot before heading to LEMMA, wow… sooo many guys OTM, for open mat. Guess its that time of the year where hanging out in the sun isn’t really an option. Come out to the gym and roll… booom shakalaka… lol

Barely any room in the cage… which was fantastic.

“My obsession will become your addiction…” in a deep Darth Vader voice.



Some regulars missing though.


Rhino was in for the class and he made us review shooting a double leg with a very nice break down which were in 5 stages with the following… note that you have to be close enough to touch your opponents shoulders. I partnered with my homie Juneau.

  1. Level change
  2. Penetration step with the lead foot, enough to be even with them
  3. Knee down between your opponents legs, with your shoulder touch their hips
  4. Hands behind the knee with head looking up
  5. Then the lift and drive towards the direction of the knee that’s down, including a step around with the other leg

Loved this… this was awesome!!

I included a wiki link below with more detail for further reference

He then got us to roll… the most important part of BJJ


5 mins rounds, 1 min breaks.

Rolling: (5 mins, 1 min break)

  1. Caribbean
  2. Venom
  3. Thor
  4. Rock Climber
  5. The French man

Great class, love reviewing stuff I’m not remotely good at…

Little by little.. continue to attend classes with guys that have strengths that shadow your weakness… your BJJ and grappling will improve!!

 Loved the tough rounds at the end!!


Oh and I did manage to get some rowing in… 40 mins straight… results below.


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