Dec 7/15 BJJ

Wow lol from last Monday…

But dammit I went in… did it again… went to BJJ, in which I shouldn’t have.

Oh well… I felt in in the morning…

The sprawling may have slightly loosened my ankle while some rolling may have tweaked it in a positive manner.

You know how we know you learned something… cause we saw you doing it under pressure while rolling… the mat doesn’t lie.


If you learned it… we saw it… tatami don’t lie.

Shall see in the morning I was thinking to myself lol… either way I had slapped on a bunch of tiger balm, tape, and even two types of braces… soft cotton with a semi hard neoprene style brace with velcro…


Plenty of ankle support…

I partnered with Dr Shat Hatton… we drilled old man style. yep I said it.

Old man drilling lol… it exist.

Great class, Rolled with Shat, Eric, Beast Sushi, hmmmmm who else?? man… oh! Jack… 6 foot skinny boy Jack. Wow long time since he’s been on the mat.


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Nov 23/15 BJJ

Monkey turned 11 months today… nuts lol.

Time is blasted by.

GLAD I TOOK PARENTAL… would have never experienced his early child hood as I did lol.


I’m almost caught up…

The monkey started day care today so I’m back to work. Yep. back to work… excellent as that I get to have full conversations with actual adults. Well conversing period will up my reduced IQ lol… love it.


Rhino was in running the class… I partnered with Eric the wrestler or what I’ve called him in the past Blue Fuji… damn toe was still jammed lol.

Rhino got us to review the stance, sprawling and doubles… then I believe we rolled. Quite a few rounds.

5 mins each… rolled with Eric, Alex, Rock Climber, June Bug, and Eric again lol… oh well, good rounds, and fun. Technical at times… others, like rolling with spazzy white belts lol…

Spazzy, spazzy… jamming a jammed toe… damn thing, will it ever heal lol. 


Fighting tooth and nail for a take down with no mat space… love it. Learning curve I guess lol…


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Nov 2/15 BJJ

Open mat was full again… awesome.

Rolled with Big Willy… dude ain’t getting smaller lol.


Having big guy’s on top of you make you focus on technique… using strength is a waste of wonderful resources, especially when there is such a large difference in size and obviously that he will beat me on the strength battle.


Roll like a mouse and wait for opportunity if there is a large size difference …


Strategy is the way to go when up against an opponent bigger and definitely more skilled then the average blue belt.


 Although I did manage to tweak my lower back somehow, probably from the lack of posture while trying to escape a big man single leg lol… or maybe he sprawled on me.

Not sure.

Glad I’m not training for a tourney at the moment… still trying to gather myself mentally with all this time off from parental leave. Work hasn’t been really letting up… as paper work still appears when I make my weekly visits lol…

Partnered with the Rock Climber… Rhino ran the class, had us review the double leg at the 5th stage, then added sprawling to the top guy to defend.

He initially had us drill the double starting at the 5th stage with resistances… then had us sprawl while in the 5th stage with resistance… yep wrestling ain’t easy so much effort for a take down.

Saulo Ribeiro

Definitely wasn’t good for my back especially with the warm up rolling with big Willy…

Rolling: (5 min rounds)
1. Rock Climber
2. Daluca

Guys weren’t letting up… good push. great tough rounds!!

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