Nov 23/15 BJJ

Monkey turned 11 months today… nuts lol.

Time is blasted by.

GLAD I TOOK PARENTAL… would have never experienced his early child hood as I did lol.


I’m almost caught up…

The monkey started day care today so I’m back to work. Yep. back to work… excellent as that I get to have full conversations with actual adults. Well conversing period will up my reduced IQ lol… love it.


Rhino was in running the class… I partnered with Eric the wrestler or what I’ve called him in the past Blue Fuji… damn toe was still jammed lol.

Rhino got us to review the stance, sprawling and doubles… then I believe we rolled. Quite a few rounds.

5 mins each… rolled with Eric, Alex, Rock Climber, June Bug, and Eric again lol… oh well, good rounds, and fun. Technical at times… others, like rolling with spazzy white belts lol…

Spazzy, spazzy… jamming a jammed toe… damn thing, will it ever heal lol. 


Fighting tooth and nail for a take down with no mat space… love it. Learning curve I guess lol…


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July 23/15 BJJ

Yep… 5:30 pm BJJ…


Wait… it was nogi  hahahah….

Yep nogi… warmup was arm drags and swimming… swimming for under hooks while standing.

Loved the take downs series from the collar tie with a reversal from the 2 on 1 to a drag down or a step through… and the review for the back control defense by sliding down after breaking grips was beautiful… I partnered with Marco the whole class. All we did was rep these techs. My kinda class.

Thorburn has a different style of grappling, really hard to simulate while rolling with others. Picking off relevant techniques and his approach to the art is what will make you evolve to become a better artist.



For those that missed out… You suck.



I’m still sore from the shark tank yesterday… 😦


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Sun June 20/15 BJJ

Up at 7:30 am made coffee walked the dog,

Got to use my new mug I got for Fathers day…

Thought there was a brand new GI in the bag…

This will suffice…

love my morning java…

The wife knows whats important!




Wooo morning pick me up…

Got to LEMMA around 9:00 am…

You got it. ME LIFT

1. Squats, 135 lbs, 5 sets, 16 reps
2. Bench, 135 lbs, 5 sets, 16 reps

Box Jumps:
1. 24in, 4 sets, 12 reps

2. 30 in, 1 set, 6 reps

Leg, calves, muscles in my feet I never knew i had were burning… Managed to pump out 6 reps of 30 in box jumps before Jiu-jitsu… Been try to work my explosive movements. Figured box jumping would improve that seeing i don’t do any other sport activities anymore. Used to love basket ball, snow boarding, soccer, tennis, and now its all just BJJ focus…

Stretched for 15 mins, then some of the boys started showing up…

Started with the standard warm up and running around…

Of course lots of shrimping, forwards and backward, among other cool stuff lol

Did some take down drills…

Then we reviewed a few loop choke variations…

Love them loop chokes…

Then some rolling…

8 min rounds, only had time to roll once…

Man am I ever sore, from the lifting and everything else…

Alex the new whit belt was giving me all he had…


Good job homie, hope to see you out soon!

BTW your GI pants were on backwards!! #whitebeltproblems lol



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