Watch “July 16/16 Sat Nogi” on YouTube

Behind? yes lol…

Seriously though, my kid wasn’t having a great day, not sure why… he wouldn’t let me go this day.

Guess he was still in some kinda pain.

Eitherway,  I got a good warm-up in… time with him most importantly, time on the punching bag, and even a few rounds in lol.

Yes I got to roll a few rounds while Aria distracted him lol.

Clip of me chilling with my boy lol on the bags… only thing that kept him kinda entertained in lieu of holding on to me lol


Watch “July 21/16 Thurs Night Nogi” on YouTube


I ain’t no one special #keepposted

Got a wonderful opportunity to do a prerelease review on a cool and slick BJJ instructional video collab by…

BJJ Blackbelts Nicolas Gregoriades & Mike Bidwell’s!


Was in town due to baby not allowed to be in daycare…

Obviously I went to Nogi, unfortunately I spent it running the class.


Pros and cons, pros and cons… I want to train.

I also want BJJ to grow, so I can train more lol… arhhggg lol

I swear when I ask, “if there are any questions or concerns??” please ask then then lol… to all you newbs, ASK!!

Don’t corner me in or before a roll lol

Either way, got the homies to do a standard 15 mins warm-up. We then repped and reviewed a hip throw from an under hook, to knee-belly, the arm-bar. We then finished with 5 mins rounds of rolling.

However… can I say wow on the attendance.


Wished these guys trained over the weekends…

In due time I guess untill thier actually hooked.

5:30pm classes are kinda prime time for free time after work and before dinner…

Unless you are hardcore, live, work only to train, and weekends become BJJ time too!!!



June 18/16 Sat Nogi with My Boy!!


Class warm-up and us reviewing some technique…


May 14/16 Nogi with G


Apr 30/16 Sat Nogi With G


Got in my 2nd set in the morning…

3rd set during nogi…

Apr 23/16 Sat BJJ

Whoa lol… Nogi!!


Without a Gi lol

Boom shakalakah… hahah

Went to 2pm Nogi with my buddy… start them early lol. Kid is just starting to walk lol.


Bjj Eastern Europe – EBI 6, Epic 16 Man Tournament Card Finalised


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Tues Sept 1/15 5:30 pm Nogi


Actually its only been a few days a week, if not only 1 day a week amongst 5 days actually training BJJ. Not bad especially when it involves a lot of wrestling. Believe me… I suck at takedowns. This class improves it…


Got to LEMMA around 5:00 pm… I partnered with Big Rig. Thor had us work on the back step pass, then a knee through to a straight arm while in a seated mount or kimura. Rolled with Justin, a young newer white belt, & worked on stand-up stuff with Big Rig. Big Rig hurt his back a while back… gotta nurse those injuries home boy.


Yep pulled this morning…


Being active is hard when you have a baby…

Tough knock life lol… no sleep.

10 cups of coffee…

Every 15 mins, if not one thing, its another lol…

BJJ keeps me sane…


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