Watch “July 21/16 Thurs Night Nogi” on YouTube


I ain’t no one special #keepposted

Got a wonderful opportunity to do a prerelease review on a cool and slick BJJ instructional video collab by…

BJJ Blackbelts Nicolas Gregoriades & Mike Bidwell’s!


Was in town due to baby not allowed to be in daycare…

Obviously I went to Nogi, unfortunately I spent it running the class.


Pros and cons, pros and cons… I want to train.

I also want BJJ to grow, so I can train more lol… arhhggg lol

I swear when I ask, “if there are any questions or concerns??” please ask then then lol… to all you newbs, ASK!!

Don’t corner me in or before a roll lol

Either way, got the homies to do a standard 15 mins warm-up. We then repped and reviewed a hip throw from an under hook, to knee-belly, the arm-bar. We then finished with 5 mins rounds of rolling.

However… can I say wow on the attendance.


Wished these guys trained over the weekends…

In due time I guess untill thier actually hooked.

5:30pm classes are kinda prime time for free time after work and before dinner…

Unless you are hardcore, live, work only to train, and weekends become BJJ time too!!!



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