Watch “July 16/16 Sat Nogi” on YouTube

Behind? yes lol…

Seriously though, my kid wasn’t having a great day, not sure why… he wouldn’t let me go this day.

Guess he was still in some kinda pain.

Eitherway,  I got a good warm-up in… time with him most importantly, time on the punching bag, and even a few rounds in lol.

Yes I got to roll a few rounds while Aria distracted him lol.

Clip of me chilling with my boy lol on the bags… only thing that kept him kinda entertained in lieu of holding on to me lol


Watch “July 20/16 Wed Night BJJ” on YouTube


Morgan was still here and he ran the class, warm-ups 15 or 10 mins of kinda of tabata excercises with 3 stations, miss tabata stuff. 

  1. Push-ups, squats, and crunches
  2. Burpee’s, and backwards break fall to technical stands 
  3. Knee downs, frog jumps

We then moved to repping and reviewing back escapes with 2 variations, standard then rolling through. We then finished with rolling starting in closed guard, 3 min rounds, top then bottom, essentially first to points then reset to inside closed guard, then we switched partners.

Great class… miss being in class lol.
Clip of us jamming below.