Oh shit… Brown Belt!!

Been soo busy lol…

Posted on instagram…


Even have a cute clip below of the wonderfully odd day of psychologically the whole time I was defending my reasons why I didn’t deserve anything.

All in your head…

I haven’t been able to discuss this much… but we lost a valuable family member not to long ago.

Miss you buddy, miss our tough, wicked and awkwardly sized rolls, then our discussions off the mat. You were a valuable asset to our team. Your perseverance was admirable  and inspirational. Your age, intelligence and love for your kids were reflective of a great man of what I want to be.  The relationship, I want with my kids. Your son is a great example of what you, I know for a fact want in reputation for your family. Miss you old man. I remember that day you asked me to help your kid… will try my best.

You know who you are… my mind still ain’t right. I will continue however on focusing on the dream. We will see you up there, when the time is right. 


Yah… forgot his belt.

Oldman forgot his belt… lol

Watch “Dec 11/16 Sun Morning BJJ” on YouTube

A Globetrotters BJJ homie visitor, Robert Barker came by… fun fun. 5 min warm-up and chain drilling. We then reviewed a few Gi strangles with the sliding collar, wing, bow, then a transition to a paper cutter strangle. We then finished with 5×5 min rounds of rolling, the first few was chess.

Watch “Dec 3/16 Sunday Morning BJJ” on YouTube

1.5 hrs impromptu session at Thunder Dragons. 10 minute warm-up & 3 minute rounds for drilling. Arm-bar’s, kimura’s, triangle’s, then the chaining of everything at 5 minutes. We then did 2 min rounds of flow rolling, then spared for 2 min rounds.