Oh shit… Brown Belt!!

Been soo busy lol…

Posted on instagram…


Even have a cute clip below of the wonderfully odd day of psychologically the whole time I was defending my reasons why I didn’t deserve anything.

All in your head…

I haven’t been able to discuss this much… but we lost a valuable family member not to long ago.

Miss you buddy, miss our tough, wicked and awkwardly sized rolls, then our discussions off the mat. You were a valuable asset to our team. Your perseverance was admirable  and inspirational. Your age, intelligence and love for your kids were reflective of a great man of what I want to be.  The relationship, I want with my kids. Your son is a great example of what you, I know for a fact want in reputation for your family. Miss you old man. I remember that day you asked me to help your kid… will try my best.

You know who you are… my mind still ain’t right. I will continue however on focusing on the dream. We will see you up there, when the time is right. 


Yah… forgot his belt.

Oldman forgot his belt… lol

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