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A Globetrotters BJJ homie visitor, Robert Barker came by… fun fun. 5 min warm-up and chain drilling. We then reviewed a few Gi strangles with the sliding collar, wing, bow, then a transition to a paper cutter strangle. We then finished with 5×5 min rounds of rolling, the first few was chess.

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Warm-up, stretching with the wife and baby hanging out. That fun… 🙂

Decent class with a nice warm-up from Nathan. Then the 25 push-ups, 50 squats, and then 25 knee-downs from me.

Interesting split this particular day lol… but we always cater to our crowd. Got a few of the guys to drill a pass with chaining positions and submissions we’ve been working on, while Nathan showed the newbies some basics. 


I remember when I was a white belt… Kid Lightning and our head Coach choking and triangling the crap outa me. 

                  #ibuprofen #ohboy #didigetdecentattriangledefense?

We reviewed the paper cutter choke/strangle again since this was a different set of guys. Then we finished with 20 mins of king of the mat where you start in someones closed guard. Winner stays in OTM on his back for the first 10, then it was inside someone’s guard for the next 10 for the winner.


I won’t be in tomorrow for Sunday morning, my flight from Toronto isn’t till noon… but I got Nathan Hatton and Travis Duncan, sooo all my homies will be in good hands. 


Watch “Aug 7/2016 Sunday BJJ” on YouTube


Irony was that the class was full of the heavy weights lol. 15 mins hard warm-up, 45 mins of with the knee slice pass and chained submission drilling. 15 mins review of 2 paper cutter variations, first from the north south, then second from knee-on-belly. We then finished with 3 x 5 min rounds of rolling, think they were fairly tough rounds lol.

Either way it was a productive class.




Just a guy blabbing about BJJ and his personal useless journey lol…

July 10/16 Sunday BJJ



What can I say… had a couple Saturday night watching the MMA fights, lol just a couple. The fights were decent, guys and gal putting it on the line. To be honest haven’t watched too much UFC since I started training BJJ seriously.


Getting punched in the face for a living sucks. Either you give it, or your going to get it… that’s why I started BJJ to not continue getting punched in the face. It sucks, believe me lol. Training jiu-jitsu you can either be the hammer, the nail or just flow and tap. Striking, its either the one or the other, can’t really tap to striking with someone, especially in an MMA, kick-boxing or even boxing training session, getting punched in the face is all kinda part of it.





15 min warm up run by my hoime Dr Shat Hatton!! Then I got us to do 45 mins of drilling self-defense tactics with a counter from a right hook with a back take sacrifice takedown & a counter from right round house to the leg with a inside leg sweep to an Estima foot lock. Nathan then got us to review a few deadly school yard headlock escapes. After that we reviewed a closed guard cross collar strangle variation. We then had a couple 10 min rounds of rolling, with just positional stuff for one of the girls to improve her mount and turtling sensitivity.

Sweeping and mat cleanliness,  with some stretching before the homies showed up… 

Great class!

With a great smaller group of people who just want to train!


See you OTM next Saturday, hopefully lol!!

July 3/16 Sunday Morning BJJ





Actually suprised at the attendance, especially with the beautiful weather…

Great stuff homies!!

15 min warm-up run by my homie Nathan. 45 mins of a torreando passing variation transitioning to knee-belly, then to a spinning arm-bar, kimura, and then an arm-bar with the same kimura grip control. Then we reviewed a closed guard lapel cross collar choke. Finished with 5×5 min rounds of rolling.

Quick clip with our mat cleanliness, random stretching, then the class… enjoy lol!


3 days in a row… been a while.

Missed those days lol

Sun June 7/15

Got to LEMMA around 8:30 am…

Yes had G with me lol…

Liftings: (135 lbs, 5 Sets, 14 Reps)

  1. Squats
  2. Bench
  3. Crunches, 5 Sets,100 Reps

Nathan was in at 9:30 am, Fantastic… got him to run a warm up.

Daddy Day care says Brittany…lol when she got in lol…

Nathan got the guys to do a standard rolling around and stuff.

The Frenchman, Justin St Man Crusher was in as well.

Drilling: (1 min each, then switch)

  1. Arm bars’,
  2. Hip bump sweeps’,
  3. Kimuras’,
  4. Triangles’,
  5. Marcelotines’,
  6. Omaplatas’,
  7. Scissor sweeps,
  8. Spider guard switches’,
  9. Side control switches’,

Technique: (15 min)

Reviewed the rear back GI chokes with the homies, the closed guard cross collar from last week, then discussed a variation with the thumb in, while waiting for your opponent to pop their head out while attempting an escape.

Nice clip below found on Youtube…


Positional Drills: (50% & 75% resistance)

Everyone had an opportunity to work this with everyone, and then they alternated between being in the closed guard, defending, or attacking with only cross collars.


We then discussed a few defenses to the collar choke… a nice video below by Stephan Kesting discussing other potential defenses…

Rolling: (5 min rounds, 30 sec break)

I only rolled with my boy lol… sorry no video. Next time!


See you next time!!


Sat May 30/15 BJJ

Word… got to the gym at 1:45 pm.

Some guys on the weights


Morgo was in with a guest from the US.

Warm up was short with a a few variation of an ankle pick with a collar tie. Technique involved a slip collar choke transition switch to preposition to the opposing size when your partner defends by moving to the opposite side of the over hook and with your partner turtling to defend. Keith was in for a bit, and he showed us a few variants of the take down which was nice. My favorite was collar tie to a mount guillotine.

Myself, Morgan, Aria, Scotty P, Big Rig, New guy white belt Alex with the nice blue GI…

Luke was late missing the warm-up per usual.



For the remainder of the class we position-ally drilled the back exercise with 2 minute rounds, you on me, then me on you exercise, until everyone had an opportunity to go with everyone. Similar to Submission Challenges or even EBI’s sudden death or over time rounds.

We tried with full lapel grips first… no dice.

Figure got shot except mine of course..:P 

Then moved to just starting with the full harness…

Positional Strangling: (2 min rnds, then switched roles)

  1. Aria
  2. New guy white belt Alex
  3. Big Rig
  4. Scotty P
  5. Morgo
  6. Luka

Yep Lots of Choking!


You missed out… caught him in the wild!



11am Sun BJJ May 17/15

Yes… my anniversary today… got married May 17/2014 lol.

Still gotta train BJJ Brother
… or Sister.




Got to the gym round 9:00 am… got some S & C training in.

Felt good real good.

Box jumps however, lol them shins bro.

Them shins… lol

Weights: (12 Reps, 5 Set, 135 lbs)

  1. Squats
  2. Bench Press


  1. Crunches, 5 sets, 100 reps
  2. Box Jumps, 5 sets, 12 reps


Got me box jumping below lol…

Great crew out Sunday Morning. Hassan, Britney, Katrina, and Scotty Hall showed up for a grinder.


We completed our standard warm up with jogging, rolling across the mat-front/back/side, break-falls to technical stand forwards/backwards, butt scoots forwards/backwards, and shrimping forwards/backwards.

I forgot to set the setting to my phone to 15 times faster… freck that lol… a 16 minute video on us warming up.



  1. Arm bars’
  2. Hip bump sweeps’
  3. Kimuras’
  4. Marcelotines’
  5. Omaplatas’
  6. Spider guard switches’
  7. Side control switches’


We reviewed the wing choke/strangle, transitioning to the bow choke strangle, focusing on the angle and grips for the finish.

Positional Drilling:

Then I got the guys to work on the positional drilling with one person on the back with full harness and hooks. Submit or escape then reset for 4 minutes each. Everyone went with each other.

Looked like everyone was having fun… you be the judge below…


We finished off with some stretching. Clip below.

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves… next weekend strangling as well…