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Warm-up, stretching with the wife and baby hanging out. That fun… 🙂

Decent class with a nice warm-up from Nathan. Then the 25 push-ups, 50 squats, and then 25 knee-downs from me.

Interesting split this particular day lol… but we always cater to our crowd. Got a few of the guys to drill a pass with chaining positions and submissions we’ve been working on, while Nathan showed the newbies some basics. 


I remember when I was a white belt… Kid Lightning and our head Coach choking and triangling the crap outa me. 

                  #ibuprofen #ohboy #didigetdecentattriangledefense?

We reviewed the paper cutter choke/strangle again since this was a different set of guys. Then we finished with 20 mins of king of the mat where you start in someones closed guard. Winner stays in OTM on his back for the first 10, then it was inside someone’s guard for the next 10 for the winner.


I won’t be in tomorrow for Sunday morning, my flight from Toronto isn’t till noon… but I got Nathan Hatton and Travis Duncan, sooo all my homies will be in good hands. 


Feb 21/16 Sunday BJJ


Soooo what?

Got to LEMMA around 8:30 am… got the following in prior to the homies showing up.
4x200m/2x1000m rowing, 4×10 box jumps, 4×25 push-ups, 8×4 tire flips, 40 sec head stands, sweeping/mopping, & some stretching… banged my shins on the box lol

Here it is slowed down lol… yep. Shin is all scraped up lol.

Yes that sucked. I walked it off!! lol

Either way, we had a standard warm-up, some positional sweep drilling, reviewed taking the back from mount from the hook sweep, 5×5 min rounds of rolling, and then 10 mins of first to points. The guys and gals did well, some were a little competitive but eh… a little competition never hurt anyone.

Clip of our grinding morning below.


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