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Weirdest thing… woke up with a killer headache and body was still hurting from Friday. Eitherway, got to the gym around 9:30 am ishy. Got some rowing in… some lol. Much-needed, been way to long! Funny how life sometimes redirects you.

Short warm-up and stretching before the guys came in which was much needed, especially after Friday’s rolls to the death hahahah.

For the class we got in an easy 15 min standard warm-up with rolling, shrimping etc… then some squats, push-ups, crunches, and knees downs. We drilled hip bump sweeps, kimura’s, arm-bars, gilliotine’s, and omaplata’s. We then reviewed the knee slice-pass countering the De La Riva guard. Got the homies to work in some positional resistance against the guard with this specific knee slice-pass at 50, 75, 99 percent and finished with a few 5 min rounds of rolling.


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Warm-up, stretching with the wife and baby hanging out. That fun… 🙂

Decent class with a nice warm-up from Nathan. Then the 25 push-ups, 50 squats, and then 25 knee-downs from me.

Interesting split this particular day lol… but we always cater to our crowd. Got a few of the guys to drill a pass with chaining positions and submissions we’ve been working on, while Nathan showed the newbies some basics. 


I remember when I was a white belt… Kid Lightning and our head Coach choking and triangling the crap outa me. 

                  #ibuprofen #ohboy #didigetdecentattriangledefense?

We reviewed the paper cutter choke/strangle again since this was a different set of guys. Then we finished with 20 mins of king of the mat where you start in someones closed guard. Winner stays in OTM on his back for the first 10, then it was inside someone’s guard for the next 10 for the winner.


I won’t be in tomorrow for Sunday morning, my flight from Toronto isn’t till noon… but I got Nathan Hatton and Travis Duncan, sooo all my homies will be in good hands. 


Watch “Aug 7/2016 Sunday BJJ” on YouTube


Irony was that the class was full of the heavy weights lol. 15 mins hard warm-up, 45 mins of with the knee slice pass and chained submission drilling. 15 mins review of 2 paper cutter variations, first from the north south, then second from knee-on-belly. We then finished with 3 x 5 min rounds of rolling, think they were fairly tough rounds lol.

Either way it was a productive class.




Just a guy blabbing about BJJ and his personal useless journey lol…

Dec 9/15 BJJ

This one was only 5 days behind… oh well.

Between holidays, colds, and injuries we do what we gotta do…

Cause we do lol

Got to LEMMA around 5:45 pm…

Tape, YES!!…

Tiger Balm, YES!!…

Naproxan, YES!!!…

Stupid damn cold/cough, YES!!

Am I getting over this damn cold??, YES!!!


Did I show up to roll… yes lol…

The cage was full, tone of other homies rolling… awesome.

Noticed Kait and a very young fellow by the name of Leath sitting by on the fence… guess no one wanted to roll with them homies.



They need time OTM too… BJJ is for everyone. LOL


We were all white belts once… rolling with them helps us position our selflessness in the world of BJJ, teach others, as others have taught you!

After rolling with Leath, I believe I rolled with Eric and then Thor. Yes last round felt like forever stuck under Thors mount. Not fun… not fun at all.

Either way, Thor ran the warm-up, I partnered with my homie Caleb… who’s a newb.

Thor had us review a heel pick, the knee-slice pass as well as the back-step pass… love them all.

Either way, fantastic class… I’m 5 days behind… oh well.

Will be caught up soon!!


Nov 30/15 BJJ

Ooooo yah, baby and wife are sleeping… glass of scotch tonight.

Weird raining today…


All caught up…

Got to LEMMA around 5:30 pm lastnight… pitch black out.

Damn-it… pitch black.

Taped my foot up… tones of tape. Didn’t wear my contacts… ibuprofen, oh and coffee. Yep training blind lol… gotta keep showing up. You always learn something new.


Trying to just roll instead of watching stupid shit lol…

-9 & -9 Astigmatism… yeppers.

Had a nice long as roll with Eric… fun times. He’s improvement is remarkable. Must be the natural wrestling abilities lol.

Butt scoot wrestling haha!


Thor had us review the X-pass, smash-pass, to knee-slice sequence using your head to the floor, under hook far side and near side arm grip to finish… badass.

He even added pursay if your opponent didn’t open up with the under-hook on the far side to turn the knee outwards then attack the mount instead… I believe the idea was that you had options, pending on how your partner and how they reacted on the bottom, instead of just trying to force one pass.

You have a multitude of options by redirecting yourself from one side of the body to the other with that knee, using grips with pressure to stabilize their upper body, and using your opponents direction to dictate the path of least resistance for the best possible solution.


Nice clip from the x-pass to smash-pass transitioning.

Nice clip with drilling and the ability to be mobile moving side to side for more options.

The following clip is nice because it actually discusses how you bury the head and reach for the under-hook to flatten your partner to finish the knee slice. It also reviews other grips as well as my favorite the collar variation lol

Word… up!!

Any way great class… loved the light rolling with wrestler Eric… great job buddy. Focus on the technique your doing great!!



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Tues Aug 25/15 5:30 pm Nogi

Seriously bro… the stats below are real?

Black Belt and enjoying the journey are definitely achievable and attainable goals, just gotta put time OTM!

Don’t hate on the dedicated… you haven’t walked in their shoes.


Got to BJJ around 5:30 pm… Matt Thorburn was in to run the class. I partnered with Emma Horner. Let’s just say she is a gold medaling wrestler from Lakehead University. She drops tones of wrestling information… don’t be blind to it, a tone of education you don’t normally pick up in an average BJJ class. Fantastically awesome.

We worked on a high crotch to an single leg takedown, then a transition to a duck under back take. Thorburn then had us review the back step from inside the half guard. It was a back step to fight for the under-hook or set up a knee bar. If the knee bar wasn’t an option then step back to continue the knee slice to side control, with the under-hook and the far side arm.

Unfortunately, no rolling… but tones of reps on the high crotch and single leg take downs. Never a loser from this kind of class.


Yep hit the Complex in the morning


Hard works pays off… boy was I drained after this session…

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Tues Aug 4/15 5:30 pm BJJ


Yep Nogi… got to LEMMA around 5:15 pm… Thorburn was running the show. Got us to pummel for a warm-up. I partnered with Philippe. He then got us to review a take down from the collar tie to a under-hook, then a counter with a side step the chin pick tricep grab pull down. The size differential made it a challenge, but it was nice to trouble shoot through the challenge.


I did manage to get Cardio in at the Complex… yep 4th set was the best. I need to make this consistent.


Thorburn then got us to review a knee slice-pass cut through pass, with a switch of the under-hooks. My guess next week is a step back pass to counter your opponent on the bottom if he fights the other under-hook.


Fan-freaking-tastic… a lot of work to do, takedowns and takedown defence is an area I need to work.

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