Watch “Aug 7/2016 Sunday BJJ” on YouTube


Irony was that the class was full of the heavy weights lol. 15 mins hard warm-up, 45 mins of with the knee slice pass and chained submission drilling. 15 mins review of 2 paper cutter variations, first from the north south, then second from knee-on-belly. We then finished with 3 x 5 min rounds of rolling, think they were fairly tough rounds lol.

Either way it was a productive class.




Just a guy blabbing about BJJ and his personal useless journey lol…

Sun Sept 27/15 11am BJJ


Got to LEMMA on Sunday around 9:30 am…

Kathy was in to lift…

Me rowed. yep 2, 4 km sessions. Did alright…

Will be adding 200 m sprints, with 1 min rest, tabata sets, and the 30s on 30s off to mix things up…

Results BELOW


We warmed up with running around, bear crawls, lunges, then a bunch of chaining drills… video clip below.

We then reviewed a few wonderful paper cutter choke variations… fantastic.!!

Then we rolled…

Rolling: (5 min, 30 sec breaks)

  1. Scott Hall
  2. Big Red
  3. Scotty too Hotty
  4. Travis Duncan
  5. Colin the beast

Boy did the guys put the pedal on me lol… rough rough hah!! Unfortunately, I forgot to record all the sets… only got the last one in which was hard as well.


All you gotta do is show up… someone will push you. You will learn something!!


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