Tues Aug 4/15 5:30 pm BJJ


Yep Nogi… got to LEMMA around 5:15 pm… Thorburn was running the show. Got us to pummel for a warm-up. I partnered with Philippe. He then got us to review a take down from the collar tie to a under-hook, then a counter with a side step the chin pick tricep grab pull down. The size differential made it a challenge, but it was nice to trouble shoot through the challenge.


I did manage to get Cardio in at the Complex… yep 4th set was the best. I need to make this consistent.


Thorburn then got us to review a knee slice-pass cut through pass, with a switch of the under-hooks. My guess next week is a step back pass to counter your opponent on the bottom if he fights the other under-hook.


Fan-freaking-tastic… a lot of work to do, takedowns and takedown defence is an area I need to work.

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