Sun Aug 2/15 11 am BJJ

Didn’t think many would show… beautiful day, however I was in around 9:30 am.

Hung over lol… too much scotch last night but hey… need to get conditioning in…


Let just say my last set was horrible… 3rd set almost 2 mins lol woooo… getting better will never be easy.


I was right not many people in… only Nathan and Brittany showed up…

Kinda glad…

Got Nathan to run the show. He ran through a short warm-up, then reviewed a take down from a duck under, to a brabo choke and then a arm triangle choke.

Lucky Brittany essentially got a private lol.

We had her ask questions with what she had problems and issues with.

Tried to answer them as best as we could.


Then we had a few small 5 mins rounds on her with me coaching her while she rolled with Nathan…

Apparently she loved that… hah!!


After BJJ I made sure to get my intake of meatballs in from Italian Fest!!

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Sat Aug 1/15 2 pm BJJ

Got to LEMMA around 1:45 pm… Steve was in, Winston popped in and then Kyle the blue belt from Halifax.

Steve reviewed a few half guard set sweeps with the hook of doom, and a low x-guard or single leg x-guard sweep from half guard. I repped them out with Steve, while Winston worked with Kyle… good times. With Steve out we did a shark tank style rolling session. 5 min rounds, with only staying in for two rounds each. I sat out for the first round.

Rolling: (5 min rounds, 1 min break)

    1. Sat out
    2. Kyle
    3. Winston
    4. Sat out
    5. Kyle
    6. Winston
    7. Sat out
    8. Kyle
    9. Winston
    10. Sat out

Boy did I ever wish I warmed up lol… but the first roll with Kyle, oh boy! warmed me up lol, then Winston right after Hah…

Winston buddy…


Kyle was rolling really smooth. Which was great… tough roll.


A welcomed addition to our training.


Will be nice to have more experienced competition blue belts around, especially with long legs and arms lol… hopefully he continues to train with us.

Felt bad for Winston… he wasn’t tapping. Really fighting the submissions. He got put to sleep… Snoring… sleep.
Thank god I noticed… cause Kyle didn’t… if no one was there to notice, Winston would have issues.


Got to tap homie!

Leave the ego at the door… it will slow down your learning process…

It isn’t a battle to the death

BJJ 4 Life homie!