Wed July 29/15 6:30 pm BJJ

Got to LEMMA around 6:00 pm… wasn’t sure I should have come out but hey…


Morning was a doosey…

Rowing was fantastic!!


Dave was running the show but had to leave at 7:00 pm… he had us review from butterfly a shin guard sweep with a heel pick, a hip push sweep variation… when he left I took over, we ended up reviewing the knee push sweep variation, double shin sweep and hip sweep with double heel picks…

Below is a great reference to some of the sweeps we reviewed by Jason Skully…

I then got the guys to roll… 5 min rounds. I rolled with Steve, and Travis, both fairly new white belts. Steve is over 200 lbs, while Travis is pushing 180 lbs… yes bigger boys but hey! they gotta train and roll too.


Great class… great butterfly sweeps from Dave!

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Sun July 25/15 Morning BJJ

Got to LEMMA around 9:30 am… no motivation but hey…


Yep… Stationary rowing… fantastic. Unfortunately no lifting. Didn’t want to risk weights with a really bad joint.


But 4 sets of 10 mins… every set beating the other… yes I was spent this morning.

Attendees included Katerina, Brittany, Jared, Scott, Gary, & Jesse… yes the king of Nogi… he came into learn some GI chokes. Fantastic!!

Warm-up was standard with jogging around the mat, lunges, forward/backwards rolling/shrimping and even butt scooting.


Drilling consisted of the x-pass, bull fighter-pass, knee slice-pass, turtle guard switches to even a harness back take and submission string follow up if you felt comfortable doing it… 2 min per person as fast as possible then switch. I drilled with Scotty which was nice because usually, there is an odd number of people.

Jesse came in at roughly 11:30 am… So he missed the warm-up and drilling. Oh well. Dude is getting technique in with a GI…

Heck he’s in a GI… BOOM

Technique review discussed the cross collar while inside the closed guard using the cross side lapel, as well as in side control, knee on belly, and even when fully mounted. We then reviewed the paper cutter choke from side control. Coach Matt was in and he showed a different variation of the paper cutter choke which required going to north south first which was cool and probably the first variation that was taught to me.


The guys spent 2 mins repping the technique each. I had them asked questions on how to make the submission theirs and how to make it work for them.


Had everyone roll 5 min rounds. I sat out due to my finger hyper extension. The beast sushi had to leave due to the kids fighting. The homies rolled about 3 rounds each. Lets just say I was really impressed by the way Jared rolled. He hasn’t been OTM for over a month… and wow. Great stuff!!


Definitely, I got sweaty from the rowing then drill session.

Back to the Buskers Festival for a mid day meal… I was determined to get some beef vindaloo lol.



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July 24/15 Open Mat

Got to the gym at roughly 5pm…


Rolling : (6 min Rounds, 1 min Breaks)

1. Katrina
2. Scotty
3. Scotty
4. Rupert
5. Rupert
6. Matt

Jammed my right index finger defending a knee bar transition… Defensively it worked lol.


Definitely fatter lol… ibuprofen BOOM!

Next time I’m gonna close my fist or palm out lol.

Other than that… great rolling, great time, & a lot of sweat left OTM with the homies from yesterday.


Left at roughly 6:30 pm for date to eat balut…



See y’all Sunday taking Saturday off to hang with the Family at Buskers Festival then the water park at the Marina lol… yes 2 feet of H2O hahhaha.

My height apparently.

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July 23/15 BJJ

Yep… 5:30 pm BJJ…


Wait… it was nogi  hahahah….

Yep nogi… warmup was arm drags and swimming… swimming for under hooks while standing.

Loved the take downs series from the collar tie with a reversal from the 2 on 1 to a drag down or a step through… and the review for the back control defense by sliding down after breaking grips was beautiful… I partnered with Marco the whole class. All we did was rep these techs. My kinda class.

Thorburn has a different style of grappling, really hard to simulate while rolling with others. Picking off relevant techniques and his approach to the art is what will make you evolve to become a better artist.



For those that missed out… You suck.



I’m still sore from the shark tank yesterday… 😦


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July 22/15 BJJ

Yep if you haven’t heard from Facebook, July 22 was my date of birth… woopdidoo lol. I mean yes a birthday is always great to celebrate but on a Wednesday? really? wtf can you do nowadays. Especially if you are freaking 37 hahahah… yeah more booze then sleep after BJJ. hahahah oh well wash away my sorrows of getting younger.

BTW add me to Facebook if you haven’t…

Sooo blessed though with all the wishes for a very great day… kinda flabbergasted. If that’s even a word. thanks for all the lovely wishes… my day was made while spending it with the little guy and my wife got me ice cream cup cakes… my homie took me and G out for some Thai curry, not authentic btw lol and I got mauled by my partners at the gym… yes I had a few glasses of scotch with coke I might add… not the sipping kind hahahaha.

Showed up at the gym ummm around 6:00 pm, got to roll with Juneau.

Fun roll and it wasn’t to the death… at some moments I could feel his desire to kill me.


Good Restraint homie, that’s what BJJ is about.

Then I rolled a few rounds with Diesel. Fun fun… kept me in defense mode. tried a few stupid things I should have but hey, experiment and go with it sometimes…. maybe not this time. Diesel is 200 lbs. He says he is 180 lbs. Don’t think so, maybe 190 lbs.


I’m 160. 155 when I’m drained 165 lbs after a good meal. Dude has heavy hips. MMA guy… tonnes of wrestling experience. Love rolling with him. Used technique, but when he got frustrated, I could feel his strength… dude is experienced and is a beast. Oss.

Our head coach got me in for getting shark tanked… so class started at ummm 6:30 pm and ended at ummmm 7:30 pm.

After getting mangled by Diesel, Jayden was a nice light roll to keep my muscles warmed… The class continued with the review of technique while I kept rolling…

Felt kinda bad for my little buddy Jayden. He said that he came to class to learn something, instead of getting beat up.

Its either you win or you learn, no harm rolling with someone better then you… its all part of the development and you will get better.

I told Jayden, you need to focus on defense… he tried to wrist lock me lol.


Told him white belts are not allowed to wrist lock, but if you want to roll like that, then eh. I wrist locked him the rest of the rounds… not sure if he was tooo impressed. The thing with Jayden is that he is very technical. Give him a little space and he will take your back. Great kid and hopefully he is in for the long haul, remind me of me when I was younger.

Marco is a beast. He held out on a few chokes lol. At one point I counted 33 secs… damn son.

Believe me I ain’t no master but eh… blood to the brain is important hahahah.


Scotty, as always a pleasure to roll with, his top game with pressure is coming along. Tough tough roll, especially with his leg lock arsenal, gotta keep those in mind.

sore meme

Travis damn son… what are you 190 lbs lol. Stronger, bigger, and flexible… built for BJJ OSSS!

Shoot I was tired, sore, and ready for some Johnny when I got home.

Rolling: (5 min rounds, 1 min breaks)

  1. Jayden
  2. Jayden
  3. Jayden
  4. Jayden
  5. Marco
  6. Marco
  7. Scotty
  8. Scotty
  9. Scotty
  10. Travis


Drained…. lol

July 19/15 Sun Morning BJJ

Got to class around 10:30 am… yes no lifting or conditioning lol… In-laws have been in since Friday. Had too much scotch last night lol.


Larger then normal class for the summer with Nathan Hatton, Katrina Jones, Rupert Klein, Brittany McNeice, Justin St-Amand, Philippe Jecker, and big red Michael Hinsperger in attendance.


Got the guys to drill some basic techniques for a warm up. 10 reps on each side. Arm bars from closed guard, hip bump sweeps, kimura from closed guard, hip bump to Marcelotines, triangles from closed guard, omaplata’s from closed guard, spider guard switches to Omaplata’s, for some I had them dive into triangles, and then they finished off with side control switches. A short clip of us below drilling…

1. Cobra choke while in S-mount, starting in mount, switching to S-mount, gift wrap, then attack with the cobra choke.
2. Cobra choke set up from closed guard, to arm drag, then gift wrap, to flower sweep, attacking while in a S-mount like above.
3. X-collar from closed guard, palm-up and thumb in for the finish. My favourite BWT lol.

A short clip of us reviewing technique…

Saw this cobra choke on Facebook from a Blackbelt in Brazil for one of his instructions… Nathan mentioned that it was an old school choke. Pictures from my homie below… a catch wrestling technique.


Rolling: (5 min, 1 min breaks)
1. Philippe
2. Rupert
3. Brittany

Philippe is a 190 lbs blue belt, competes and he medals. Yep he puts me through the burners lol. Rupert was working real hard this morning to pass my guard… wpid-fb_img_1424066360026.jpgOver-time hard lol, great work homie. Brittany is methodical, working real hard, next up for her is understanding the progression and where to go in positioning. wpid-fb_img_1425777727935.jpgHer game has improved substantially ever since attending my classes and drilling more… she really needs to get graded. I will be sending something to her that has really helped me in BJJ, that I’ve read from Stephan Kesting. Worth a read if you have read it… BJJ Road Map


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