July 19/15 Sun Morning BJJ

Got to class around 10:30 am… yes no lifting or conditioning lol… In-laws have been in since Friday. Had too much scotch last night lol.


Larger then normal class for the summer with Nathan Hatton, Katrina Jones, Rupert Klein, Brittany McNeice, Justin St-Amand, Philippe Jecker, and big red Michael Hinsperger in attendance.


Got the guys to drill some basic techniques for a warm up. 10 reps on each side. Arm bars from closed guard, hip bump sweeps, kimura from closed guard, hip bump to Marcelotines, triangles from closed guard, omaplata’s from closed guard, spider guard switches to Omaplata’s, for some I had them dive into triangles, and then they finished off with side control switches. A short clip of us below drilling…

1. Cobra choke while in S-mount, starting in mount, switching to S-mount, gift wrap, then attack with the cobra choke.
2. Cobra choke set up from closed guard, to arm drag, then gift wrap, to flower sweep, attacking while in a S-mount like above.
3. X-collar from closed guard, palm-up and thumb in for the finish. My favourite BWT lol.

A short clip of us reviewing technique…

Saw this cobra choke on Facebook from a Blackbelt in Brazil for one of his instructions… Nathan mentioned that it was an old school choke. Pictures from my homie below… a catch wrestling technique.


Rolling: (5 min, 1 min breaks)
1. Philippe
2. Rupert
3. Brittany

Philippe is a 190 lbs blue belt, competes and he medals. Yep he puts me through the burners lol. Rupert was working real hard this morning to pass my guard… wpid-fb_img_1424066360026.jpgOver-time hard lol, great work homie. Brittany is methodical, working real hard, next up for her is understanding the progression and where to go in positioning. wpid-fb_img_1425777727935.jpgHer game has improved substantially ever since attending my classes and drilling more… she really needs to get graded. I will be sending something to her that has really helped me in BJJ, that I’ve read from Stephan Kesting. Worth a read if you have read it… BJJ Road Map


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