Sun June 28/15 BJJ

9 am LEMMA loner workout…

1. Squats 135 lbs, 5 sets, 18 reps
2. Bench 135 lbs, 4 sets, 18 reps


Box Jumps:
1. Box Jumps, 24 in, 4 sets, 13 reps

2. Box Jumps, 30 in, 1 set, 8 reps

3. Box Jumps, 24 in + 20 in, once with a running start…

I had to take a running start…

I will be able complete this one day on the spot lol…

I tried resting at the top…

Gonna have to try more…

Felt weird for the other jumps especially trying to do it at a fast pace…


Then 11am BJJ… WORD UP!!

Even swept the mat before Justin rolled in…

Technique was all about the loop chokes, reviewed, drilled, drilled with resistance, then drilled some more…



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Sat June 27/15 BJJ

Great 2 pm Sat class…


Some nice passing transitioning technical reviews and a nasty mount arm bar for those you don’t like.


Who Missed it?

Whoops lol… maybe next time?

Morgo was in and running it… Aria ran the warm-up. Myself, Jayden, & Marco were on site

Oh and Winston lol


No rest for the wicked, NO EXCUSES.

Him and his wife just had a baby too. Congrats buddy, second, I might say… yep know how you feel… no sleep.


We train cause it takes us away… makes us sane, and is four life.


Standard warm-up, a few 7-min round rolls, reviewed some tech, and then more 7-min round rolls.

Warm-up Rolls: (7 mins)
1. Jayden
2. Winston


Rolling: (7 mins rounds, 1 min break)
1. Winston
2. Marco
3. Jayden
4. Aria
5. Marco
6. Morgo


Solid great hard and technical rounds by everyone…


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Fri June 26/15 Open Mat


Warmed up with Nathan for 2 7 min rounds…

JAMMED with: 7 min rounds, 1 min breaks

1. Nathan the Doctor Shat
2. Josh the beast Daluca
3. Marco Polo
4. Alex the Bear Wawia
5. Marco Polo


Then met up with the wife, Morgo and his wife for good old sushi station.



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Wed June 24/15 BJJ

If you missed BJJ yesterday you suck

Got to class around 6:15 pm


Coach got me to run a quick warm up… standard running around, bear crawls, shrimping, & rolling etc…


Coach then reviewed a half guard transition, while your opponent is trying to pass your guard while inside your half guard. Top person with an under hook, and shoulder pressure. Bottom, shoulder punching, knee in for separation, like a z- guard, arching back to break the shoulder pressure grip then diving into a deep half or into the the dog fight position.

Diesel then ran through a variation pushing the collar instead of shoulder punching, z-guard, then diving in for the deep half, grip the posting arm, hide the other, then sweep.

Coach then discussed the opportunities opened while in half guard and using the hook of doom to transfer the balance of your opponents base while in your half guard.



Only got a few fast hard rounds of rolling in… 3 mins is a duzzer… fast and hard.

1. Philippe da Frenchman
2. Matt T-burn

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Sun June 20/15 BJJ

Up at 7:30 am made coffee walked the dog,

Got to use my new mug I got for Fathers day…

Thought there was a brand new GI in the bag…

This will suffice…

love my morning java…

The wife knows whats important!




Wooo morning pick me up…

Got to LEMMA around 9:00 am…

You got it. ME LIFT

1. Squats, 135 lbs, 5 sets, 16 reps
2. Bench, 135 lbs, 5 sets, 16 reps

Box Jumps:
1. 24in, 4 sets, 12 reps

2. 30 in, 1 set, 6 reps

Leg, calves, muscles in my feet I never knew i had were burning… Managed to pump out 6 reps of 30 in box jumps before Jiu-jitsu… Been try to work my explosive movements. Figured box jumping would improve that seeing i don’t do any other sport activities anymore. Used to love basket ball, snow boarding, soccer, tennis, and now its all just BJJ focus…

Stretched for 15 mins, then some of the boys started showing up…

Started with the standard warm up and running around…

Of course lots of shrimping, forwards and backward, among other cool stuff lol

Did some take down drills…

Then we reviewed a few loop choke variations…

Love them loop chokes…

Then some rolling…

8 min rounds, only had time to roll once…

Man am I ever sore, from the lifting and everything else…

Alex the new whit belt was giving me all he had…


Good job homie, hope to see you out soon!

BTW your GI pants were on backwards!! #whitebeltproblems lol



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