Fri June 12/15 Open Mat

Homies be like what what…


My knee is snore, not sure why. Before the rolling too. I suspect I banged it up while sleep rolling onto the floor or into the wall.


The wife will have to clarify…

Either that or its the aftermath of rolling with those human apes on Wednesday lol…


Crazy… sleep, eat, work for BJJ, word!

I took it really easy today…

It was all focus with no messing around…

Didn’t want to mess up the knee even further…

Gotta be able to attend the weddings…



Flew to London Saturday morning…

Flying back to Thunder Bay Sunday morning, then driving to Minneapolis.

NUTS nuts nuts!



Alex the bear… a lot of flow. Man I remember a time where all he was, was dah judo… gripping judo. Hummm bear? Judo? Yep. Crushing strength.

Your flow has come a long way my friend… keep it up.


Now only if I can convince you to compete with us.

Rolling: (5 min, 2 breaks)
1. Luka
2. Luka
3. Luka
4. Luka

Been playing around with a modified baseball strangle lately from side control with stapling the arm to immobilize my opponent lately. Something like what John Veal use to do to me while up here, but working into a paper cutter. This works with bigger stronger guys, as most will just try bench pressing you as most of the pressure is applied to the neck carotid artery. Its effectiveness is so far phenomenal. I attack the other arm with my free hand to bait the opening. If they don’t take it, I can maintain side control, move to north south, attack dangling are, or status quo for the strangle.


Brother you gotta tap! Snore snore…. out.



With dah Frenchman… he wanted to review escaping the northsouth. Definitely a few variations, mainly to me off scrambles and timing. Soo hard to escape once your opponent clamps down like a vise.

All and all, great session homies!!

I will be in London, then Minneapolis till Tuesday.

My boy Nathan the Prof Shat Hatton has me covered.



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