Sun May 31/15 BJJ


Beautiful sunny morning…

Got my Java, of course… Timmy who who’s?

Got to the gym at roughly 9:30 am…

Nathan, Scotty P, and even my boy Justin St Amand showed up earlier wow… fellow lifters!


Lifting: (135 lbs)

  1. Squats, 14 reps, 5 sets
  2. Bench, 14 reps, 5 sets


  1. Box jumps, 12 reps, 4 sets
  2. Crunches, 100 reps, 4 sets

 OMG last set banged my shin on the BOX again…

DAFCK same shin arrrggghhhh!!


 Nice to see a larger crew out, today…

Brittany, Hassan, Katrina, Scotty, Travis, Justin St Amand, New Travis,, and Nathan Shat Hatton.

Warm Up: 

A few laps jogging, 1 lap lunges, 1 lap bear crawls forwards 

  1. Forward shoulder rolls, alternating shoulders, 1 x across mat
  2. Reverse shoulder rolls, alternating shoulders, 1 x across mat
  3. Side shoulder rolls, 1 x across mat left side & 1 x across mat right side
  4. Forward butt scoots, 1 x across mat
  5. Reverse butt scoots, 1 x across mat
  6. Backwards shrimping, 2 x across mat
  7. Forward shrimping, 2 x across mat
  8. Backwards break fall to technical stand, 2 x across mat
  9. Forward break falls to technical stand, 2 x across mat

Drilling: (1 min each, then switch)

  1. Arm bars’, 1 min each, then switch
  2. Hip bump sweeps’, 1 min each, then switch
  3. Kimuras’, 1 min each, then switch
  4. Triangles’, 1 min each, then switch
  5. Marcelotines’, 1 min each, then switch
  6. Omaplatas’, 1 min each, then switch
  7. Scissor sweeps, 1 min each, then switch
  8. Spider guard switches’, 1 min each, then switch
  9. Side control switches’, 1 min each, then switch
  10. Modified single leg, with a lapel grip break, 2 min each, then switch
  11. Modified hip judo throw, 2 min each, then switch
  12. Guard pull with one foot on hip, 2 min each, then switch

A quick clip below with us warming up and drilling…



We continued to work on collar chokes, diving into further details on the cross collar while your attacker is in your guard. details discussing the wrist, and shaving the face if you couldn’t attacked with both palms up and not to use strength.

A quick clip below working tech below…

Rolling: (5 min rounds, 30 sec break)

  1. Hassan
  2. Katrina
  3. New Travis
  4. Brittany

Clip of us rolling below…

Great rolling guys…

Scotty P ran a quick stretch…

Then off to get some dim sum at a place I’ve never been to…



Sat May 30/15 BJJ

Word… got to the gym at 1:45 pm.

Some guys on the weights


Morgo was in with a guest from the US.

Warm up was short with a a few variation of an ankle pick with a collar tie. Technique involved a slip collar choke transition switch to preposition to the opposing size when your partner defends by moving to the opposite side of the over hook and with your partner turtling to defend. Keith was in for a bit, and he showed us a few variants of the take down which was nice. My favorite was collar tie to a mount guillotine.

Myself, Morgan, Aria, Scotty P, Big Rig, New guy white belt Alex with the nice blue GI…

Luke was late missing the warm-up per usual.



For the remainder of the class we position-ally drilled the back exercise with 2 minute rounds, you on me, then me on you exercise, until everyone had an opportunity to go with everyone. Similar to Submission Challenges or even EBI’s sudden death or over time rounds.

We tried with full lapel grips first… no dice.

Figure got shot except mine of course..:P 

Then moved to just starting with the full harness…

Positional Strangling: (2 min rnds, then switched roles)

  1. Aria
  2. New guy white belt Alex
  3. Big Rig
  4. Scotty P
  5. Morgo
  6. Luka

Yep Lots of Choking!


You missed out… caught him in the wild!