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My homie Andrew’s BDay… 
Got in early, swept the mats, warmed up and stretched for 45 mins. I really need to started rowing again… seriously. Hard getting a good work out town, especially in the summers, with 12 to 16 hours of your day on the job lol… 
Ended up doing a hard 20 min warm-up run by Nathan, 20 mins reviewing 2 variations of the paper cutter strangle, then a 20 mins shark tank starting for the Bday boy. 
10 mins for him on the bottom starting with closed guard, then 10 mins for him inside others closed guard until either the first point or submission for the next person in line.
Marc definitely loved it lol.
Yes we all lined up lol… fresh for the bday boy.



Happy birthday buddy!!

Great stuff!!


July 10/16 Sunday BJJ



What can I say… had a couple Saturday night watching the MMA fights, lol just a couple. The fights were decent, guys and gal putting it on the line. To be honest haven’t watched too much UFC since I started training BJJ seriously.


Getting punched in the face for a living sucks. Either you give it, or your going to get it… that’s why I started BJJ to not continue getting punched in the face. It sucks, believe me lol. Training jiu-jitsu you can either be the hammer, the nail or just flow and tap. Striking, its either the one or the other, can’t really tap to striking with someone, especially in an MMA, kick-boxing or even boxing training session, getting punched in the face is all kinda part of it.





15 min warm up run by my hoime Dr Shat Hatton!! Then I got us to do 45 mins of drilling self-defense tactics with a counter from a right hook with a back take sacrifice takedown & a counter from right round house to the leg with a inside leg sweep to an Estima foot lock. Nathan then got us to review a few deadly school yard headlock escapes. After that we reviewed a closed guard cross collar strangle variation. We then had a couple 10 min rounds of rolling, with just positional stuff for one of the girls to improve her mount and turtling sensitivity.

Sweeping and mat cleanliness,  with some stretching before the homies showed up… 

Great class!

With a great smaller group of people who just want to train!


See you OTM next Saturday, hopefully lol!!

July 3/16 Sunday Morning BJJ





Actually suprised at the attendance, especially with the beautiful weather…

Great stuff homies!!

15 min warm-up run by my homie Nathan. 45 mins of a torreando passing variation transitioning to knee-belly, then to a spinning arm-bar, kimura, and then an arm-bar with the same kimura grip control. Then we reviewed a closed guard lapel cross collar choke. Finished with 5×5 min rounds of rolling.

Quick clip with our mat cleanliness, random stretching, then the class… enjoy lol!


3 days in a row… been a while.

Missed those days lol

Sun May 31/15 BJJ


Beautiful sunny morning…

Got my Java, of course… Timmy who who’s?

Got to the gym at roughly 9:30 am…

Nathan, Scotty P, and even my boy Justin St Amand showed up earlier wow… fellow lifters!


Lifting: (135 lbs)

  1. Squats, 14 reps, 5 sets
  2. Bench, 14 reps, 5 sets


  1. Box jumps, 12 reps, 4 sets
  2. Crunches, 100 reps, 4 sets

 OMG last set banged my shin on the BOX again…

DAFCK same shin arrrggghhhh!!


 Nice to see a larger crew out, today…

Brittany, Hassan, Katrina, Scotty, Travis, Justin St Amand, New Travis,, and Nathan Shat Hatton.

Warm Up: 

A few laps jogging, 1 lap lunges, 1 lap bear crawls forwards 

  1. Forward shoulder rolls, alternating shoulders, 1 x across mat
  2. Reverse shoulder rolls, alternating shoulders, 1 x across mat
  3. Side shoulder rolls, 1 x across mat left side & 1 x across mat right side
  4. Forward butt scoots, 1 x across mat
  5. Reverse butt scoots, 1 x across mat
  6. Backwards shrimping, 2 x across mat
  7. Forward shrimping, 2 x across mat
  8. Backwards break fall to technical stand, 2 x across mat
  9. Forward break falls to technical stand, 2 x across mat

Drilling: (1 min each, then switch)

  1. Arm bars’, 1 min each, then switch
  2. Hip bump sweeps’, 1 min each, then switch
  3. Kimuras’, 1 min each, then switch
  4. Triangles’, 1 min each, then switch
  5. Marcelotines’, 1 min each, then switch
  6. Omaplatas’, 1 min each, then switch
  7. Scissor sweeps, 1 min each, then switch
  8. Spider guard switches’, 1 min each, then switch
  9. Side control switches’, 1 min each, then switch
  10. Modified single leg, with a lapel grip break, 2 min each, then switch
  11. Modified hip judo throw, 2 min each, then switch
  12. Guard pull with one foot on hip, 2 min each, then switch

A quick clip below with us warming up and drilling…



We continued to work on collar chokes, diving into further details on the cross collar while your attacker is in your guard. details discussing the wrist, and shaving the face if you couldn’t attacked with both palms up and not to use strength.

A quick clip below working tech below…

Rolling: (5 min rounds, 30 sec break)

  1. Hassan
  2. Katrina
  3. New Travis
  4. Brittany

Clip of us rolling below…

Great rolling guys…

Scotty P ran a quick stretch…

Then off to get some dim sum at a place I’ve never been to…




Small class yesterday for 2 pm BJJ… must be the sunny 15c weather outside lol. Mike Maronese ran the show… started with a nice fighter fit style warm up with only 2 sets of 3 minutes with an obstacle course of side to side z-running, lunges, hops, then push up side-walks.

Definitely got the blood flowing, Hassan got in late lol… wished me had more rounds, was just getting warmed up. 😛

Big up to Jayden Dekker, Hassan Hashmi, and TBT Steve for showing up though… we reviewed some bombass stuff we went through last week and some.


Reviewed a closed guard hip bump sweep, with your partners hand on your belly. Fake one side, work the other, to a mount x-collar choke… nice of Coach Keith MacGillivray to add some pointers on actually focusing with slapping the mat with elbow contact during the shaving portion to add discomfort and a tighter finish. Worked on the closed guard hip bump sweep to a mount, then armbar while your partner pushes off. Worked on a variation of an inverted arm bar while mounted, then a cool gogoplata… yes real cute lol, then we rolled.


Rolling: (5 min rounds, 45 sec break)

  1. Jayden Dekker
  2. Hassan Hashmi
  3. TBT Steve
  4. Mike Moronese

lol… quick clip of Mike and TBT Steve Rolling below…



Easter Sunday BJJ

Yep the patellar tendon is still sore… limping like a pimp villain. However it is much better then yesterday… tensor bandage for sure and heck even got some lifting in… felt great once I was warmed up! I know the the lifting ain’t much, but I don’t give a freck. There will be gains, slowly and surely. Haven’t worked on any weights consistently since we found out the wife was pregnant…  May 28th 2014?? the last official logged date was Dec 16th 2014 lol…. wow. Crazy, sleep deprived for sure lol… since May. Unfortunately the wife had preeclampsia and hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) which is extreme involuntary vomiting. It occurred variably throughout the nights…  and yes every night sometimes 4 or 5. All I did was wash sheets lol. let just say the only consistent thing was BJJ, and goin on 4 hours sleep on average a night. Something had to give… the lifting unfortunately. Irony was before all that I hadn’t lifted like since 2008… mainly due to the shoulder problem predominate… when I first decided to start BJJ… lol

Essentially only 3 guys OTM this morning… Rupert Klein, myself, & Scott Hall. Glad they showed up lol. Boom! Easter Sunday and still we got some training in…


Lifting: (9:15 am to 9:45 am, 30 min )

Essentially 4 sets, with 12 reps for each

  1. Squats, 135 lbs
  2. Bench Press, 2 sets at 155 lbs, & 2 sets at 135 lbs
  3. Bent over Barbell Rows, 115 lbs
  4. Some Crunches to work on my vainness, 4 sets of 50 Reps

BJJ Warm-up:

Pretty standard stuff… got a quick clip below…

Technique Review:

Worked on posture inside someones close guard, as well as a wing strangle… got the quick clips below…

Positional Sparring: (With Full Resistance)

Unfortunately, I forgot to click the fast recording… so it turnout to be 23 mins long… way too much to edit for the sake of this blog and up load onto Youtube at a mega size of 3 gigs… yes 3 gigs…lol


Just take my word for it we went hard lol. 1 min jumping from one guy to another as a warm up. then a 3 min session. There was only a total of 3 guys. Common lol…

Easter sunday! hah

Rolling: (5 min rounds, 45 sec break)

  1. Scott Hall
  2. Rupert Klein

Some quick clips of us rolling below…

Not much rolling this morning… but logged in Fri, Sat, then Sun for BJJ… oh and some lifting… boom-diggity-datta lol.

Clean up:

As you can see we did manage to sweep and disinfect the mat before we left… I feel like only the BJJ nerds clean the mats… dafuck lol.


Our GI’s don’t mop them enough I guess?


Rupert Klein is the bomb… Haagen Daz brother!


Hope to see you nerds sometime this week!!


PS… Scotty, a nice clip below for further reference!


Sat Jiu Jitz

Sat April 5 BJJ

Not a big class yesterday… Albino Rhino, Morgan, Big Rig, TBT Steve, Marco and myself on site to punish ourselves… the knee was still sore… Guess everyone went a little hard on Friday hahaha.


Quick clip of the warm up below…

Drilled some closed guard hip bump sweeps, to a mount x-collar choke, quick clip below…

Drilled some closed hip bump sweeps to a mount, then armbar while your partner pushes off, the a hitch hiker escape, with a stiff arm or collar tie to re-guard, quick clip below…

Worked on some positional back take submissions at full resistance with the seatbelt harness, some clips below:

Myself with Morgan. then Marco…

Myself and the Albino Rhino below…

The boys then did some topless yoga… after. I didn’t get a picture, had to get home to hang with the family.