Mar 14/16 Mon BJJ

I believe today we reviewed the triangle. I do remember our little homie Mitch being rhetoric about an omaplata lol… yes must be this.


Tough rounds today, 5 mins each… Veal said flow rolling, not sure guys were flowing lol. Kevin, Josh, Juneau, Kole, Thorburn, Veal, and then with Jason.


The guys weren’t letting up lol.
Homies were relentless.

Great stuff!!!

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Feb 24/16 Wed BJJ

Like whoa… got a cold. I really shouldn’t have went to BJJ this day.

However, had to… going to Vegas early Friday morning for our delayed honeymoon lol. Miss it cause we found out we were having G a few days after the festivities lol. Don’t plan on training this visit… time with the wife is more important for this trip.

Won’t be back till late Monday night. Grandma and Grandpa are in town watching G and the munchkin dog.


Whew though… still had the boogers lol.
I apologise for anyone that got sick cause of me…


Hopefully I didn’t give anyone a cold… selfish me.

Aussey Mikey ran the warm-up….

Thor made us rep a double leg variation, then we drilled a hip bump sweeps, then an omaplata switch from the hip bump sweep.

Very nice!

Felt like I did it about a few hundred times.

Then we rolled… 5 min rounds. Thor, Eric, then with Jared. Fun fun!


Again, I apologise for anyone that got sick cause of me…



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Sat Jiu Jitz

Sat April 5 BJJ

Not a big class yesterday… Albino Rhino, Morgan, Big Rig, TBT Steve, Marco and myself on site to punish ourselves… the knee was still sore… Guess everyone went a little hard on Friday hahaha.


Quick clip of the warm up below…

Drilled some closed guard hip bump sweeps, to a mount x-collar choke, quick clip below…

Drilled some closed hip bump sweeps to a mount, then armbar while your partner pushes off, the a hitch hiker escape, with a stiff arm or collar tie to re-guard, quick clip below…

Worked on some positional back take submissions at full resistance with the seatbelt harness, some clips below:

Myself with Morgan. then Marco…

Myself and the Albino Rhino below…

The boys then did some topless yoga… after. I didn’t get a picture, had to get home to hang with the family.