Feb 24/16 Wed BJJ

Like whoa… got a cold. I really shouldn’t have went to BJJ this day.

However, had to… going to Vegas early Friday morning for our delayed honeymoon lol. Miss it cause we found out we were having G a few days after the festivities lol. Don’t plan on training this visit… time with the wife is more important for this trip.

Won’t be back till late Monday night. Grandma and Grandpa are in town watching G and the munchkin dog.


Whew though… still had the boogers lol.
I apologise for anyone that got sick cause of me…


Hopefully I didn’t give anyone a cold… selfish me.

Aussey Mikey ran the warm-up….

Thor made us rep a double leg variation, then we drilled a hip bump sweeps, then an omaplata switch from the hip bump sweep.

Very nice!

Felt like I did it about a few hundred times.

Then we rolled… 5 min rounds. Thor, Eric, then with Jared. Fun fun!


Again, I apologise for anyone that got sick cause of me…



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Wed May 27/15 BJJ

Oooh boy, got to LEMMA around 6:00 pm was sooo frecken drained lol



5 month old baby?

Wife that needs to get out of the house?

Doggy that wants your attention?

Work keeping you busy?


Let just say I had a few tough rolls ahem 5 rounds?

5 min burners with a very athletic fellow who has been off the mat for over a month.


Oh boy duder is still as strong. Oh Justin St Amand… you do know I’m talking about you. Your drive is what makes you excel above others. Keep at it brother. You are a force to be reckoned with.


Morgan was in, even with his broken toe… noticed Nathan leaving while pulling in. Scotty too hotty was just on his way out. Morgan was helping Katrina with various issues. Yep I got the beast of a white belt waiting to gobble me up. lol

Morgan ran a short warm-up with a positional drilling exercise.

Coach got us to drill on a few self-defense back take defense variations. I Partnered with Justin the beast Sillyman. First from the head lock when your attacker misses the head strike. Then second from a body lock from behind.

Below is a good clip of what was reviewed yesterday for a head lock escape…

Stephan Kesting does it best with his video below…

Coach then got us to drill a closed guard, with double belt grip break, to an over hook, then London guard with a collar grip, then omaplata, with even strikes.


Great class for those of you that didn’t show…


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