Fri June 5/15 Open Mat

Had my monkey at work all day… 5 month old…lol


Got to LEMMA around 5:30 pm… homies were OTM!!


Josh, Big Red, Big Rig, Alex the bear, Morgo, and the Frenchman… I was the odd man out… blah.

First roll was with Morgo..o oops sorry bro, accidental knee to the chin, cut his tongue.

BLOOD I see blood… tuck the head in bro when you work that pressure pass…


What a trooper, sorry brother… great technical roll though. Man I remember our first roll, freck we trained sooo much since… your game has improved leaps and bounds. Your flexibility was your strength, however it was your weakness, now you are working your top game… before the random scattered unfocused, thoughtless and insecure moves… to now, being a force to be reckoned with. I do remember you almost quitting BJJ. Great job homie. I remember our first tournament together, ever since that, there has been no looking back. Heck, for the both of us us!! future Black Belts!

Switched to Scotty too hotty, mid roll to let him heal lol...

Big Red, holy-moly… the explosion buddy… just have to be less telegraphing… maybe a relaxed approach with all of your strength and raw power. Building sensitivity and rolling to conserve energy for your next match may be something to think about, especially being conscientious of preparing for a tournament, with having maybe a round to recuperate, unless there is only one other guy in your division… not every roll is too the death. Nice though, once in a while, I like it, a life or death situation…lol I love rolling with you buddy, keep it up! tough rolls help me keep my head in the game. Sorry bout the pant leg. You should have let me pass… my torreando is immaculate at times hahaha.

Saulo Ribeiro

Scotty too hotty… I see the frustration when I take your back. Your back control defense has improved a lot, well done sir. Keep on trucking!!


Josh Deluca what can I say, when I get you on your back, that’s the only way I can, one up you… sooo frecken strong… I strong like bull…osss

Man, my knee is bruised and my shin is still bruised DAFACK!!!

Rolling: (7 min, 1 min break)

  1. Morgo, partial
  2. Scotty tooo hotty, partial
  3. Big Red, partial
  4. Josh, partial
  5. Morgo, full
  6. Big Red, full and break
  7. Big Red, full


SUSHI STATION with the wife and baba after woooo!!

See you SAT!!