Sat June 27/15 BJJ

Great 2 pm Sat class…


Some nice passing transitioning technical reviews and a nasty mount arm bar for those you don’t like.


Who Missed it?

Whoops lol… maybe next time?

Morgo was in and running it… Aria ran the warm-up. Myself, Jayden, & Marco were on site

Oh and Winston lol


No rest for the wicked, NO EXCUSES.

Him and his wife just had a baby too. Congrats buddy, second, I might say… yep know how you feel… no sleep.


We train cause it takes us away… makes us sane, and is four life.


Standard warm-up, a few 7-min round rolls, reviewed some tech, and then more 7-min round rolls.

Warm-up Rolls: (7 mins)
1. Jayden
2. Winston


Rolling: (7 mins rounds, 1 min break)
1. Winston
2. Marco
3. Jayden
4. Aria
5. Marco
6. Morgo


Solid great hard and technical rounds by everyone…


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