Wed June 24/15 BJJ

If you missed BJJ yesterday you suck

Got to class around 6:15 pm


Coach got me to run a quick warm up… standard running around, bear crawls, shrimping, & rolling etc…


Coach then reviewed a half guard transition, while your opponent is trying to pass your guard while inside your half guard. Top person with an under hook, and shoulder pressure. Bottom, shoulder punching, knee in for separation, like a z- guard, arching back to break the shoulder pressure grip then diving into a deep half or into the the dog fight position.

Diesel then ran through a variation pushing the collar instead of shoulder punching, z-guard, then diving in for the deep half, grip the posting arm, hide the other, then sweep.

Coach then discussed the opportunities opened while in half guard and using the hook of doom to transfer the balance of your opponents base while in your half guard.



Only got a few fast hard rounds of rolling in… 3 mins is a duzzer… fast and hard.

1. Philippe da Frenchman
2. Matt T-burn

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