May 8/16 Sun BJJ




Sun Sept 13/15 11 am BJJ


Video my buddy Travis did during our drill session in the morning using his drone and GoPro below…

Got to LEMMA around 9:30 am… you bet me got some rowing in. Hit some better then last time marks. 2 sets, 20 mins goals, of 4 km… slowly getting better.


Warm-up consisted of arm bars, kimuras, Marcelotines, omaplata’s, triangles, hip-bump sweeps, spinning arm-bars from side control, & then loop chokes from the front head lock. They had to complete these exercises going 2 mins straight each, then alternate with only 30 sec breaks in between.

Clips below…

Then we reviewed some techniques I ripped off of Jiu-jitsu Magazine… yep. A 96 Choke, which is an oldschool Judo choke and the Brazilian Neck tie all starting from side control…



Yep always learning and evolving…

After technique we then did a bunch of positional sparring…

Escaping or submission while having back control or your back controlled.

2 mins, alternated, then switched partners until everyone was with everyone. Yep, a lot of rounds in…

Quick clip below…


Then of course the circle of thank you for choking the F-outa moi…

Great class big turn out… Katrina, Travis, Big Red, Hatton, Scotty, St Amand, Brittany, Marco and Colin were in attendance.

BJJ would be nothing without good teammates!!



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Sunday Aug 30/15 11am BJJ

Got to LEMMA around 10:00 am… yep got a 20 min session of rowing in.

Had one thing on my mind. Break falls and rowing.

Found this piece on Facebook… loved it!!


Katrina brought up issues of break falling and fears of hitting the mat…

Us warming up below…


Practice practice practice… the 3 P’s.


Us working on some loop chokes below…

then we got 3 rounds of 10 mins sessions in…

I sat out for the first round… then rolled with Jarod and then Gary.

If you missed out… link to EBI 3 below!!

My results from my 20 mins of pulling below…


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Sun Aug 23/15 11am BJJ

Monday nights are where I can catch up on my BJJ gibberishy adventures from over the weekend… yes adventures. Always something new and exciting from each class. Either being pushed, or the one being pushed. Nothing wrong with grinding, especially when you have nothing left, thus nothing to lose. You will have gained a lesson for the next, if your goal wasn’t met. Thus, never a loss.


I was suffering from a hang over… BOOOO…

Baby was up a few times as well lol. YAY…


I still came in YEPPERS!!

Having a baby really is a testament to what you are willing to maintain as goals… I really really appreciate what my mother did for me. Truth…

For all those single mother out there with no support… WOW…


Gotta keep training… no matter what.

3 sets of 500 m rows. I need to keep it under 2 mins for consistency.


3rd set was the best… glad I showed up and just did it. 90 percent of success is just showing up… lol

I got the guys to review a loop choke variant that I love to hit while guys go for a single leg. It is a goodie… in fact requested by Justin.


I swear, I made them rep it out like 100 times each lol… sore their necks will be… hah

quick clip of us reviewing the loop choke

We then worked on the choke with resistance. 2 min rounds then alternated. Then switched partners and did it over again. Yep sore necks hah!!

quick clip of us positional drilling the loop choke at 50 to 75 percent resistance

Rolling:(6 min rounds, 30 sec breaks)
1. Justin
2. Hassan
3. Katrina
4. Justin

quick clip of us rolling

Boy was Katrina giving me pressure… wouldn’t let up for the whole 6 mins. Good for you! Train hard, train lots, and train smart… just keep showing up and you will get better!

quick clip of Katrina giving me the pedal


It ain’t easy…


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Sun July 5/15

Loner strength and conditioning session again… lol


Got to LEMMA around 9:30 am…. man did I not want to train.

Had a little too much scotch to myself last night lol.


Too much. Hah. Made sure I got my Java in lol… before I went to the gym.

1. Squats, 135 lbs, 5 sets, 18 reps
2. Bench,  135 lbs, 4 sets, 18 reps

1. Crunches, 4 sets, 100 reps
2. Box Jumps, 24 in, 4 sets, 13 reps

3. Box Jumps, 30 in, 1 set, 9 reps


It was blues fest this weekendwasn’t expecting any guys in

New guy Cole showed up, then Jesse Veltri lol yes he came to train in the GI for a bit. Britney and then Morgo showed up… beast especially with his broken ears lol ouch.


Big up brother… doooo take a small break for the healing though. Lol

Warmup: (20 mins)
1. Jogging, bear crawls, lunges, forward/backwards/side rolling, forward/backwards shrimping, forward/backwards break falling to a technical stand, and butt scooting to triangles… pretty standard.

Rolling: (7 mins, 1 min break)
1. Jesse Veltri
2. Morgo

We reviewed the loop chokes, then the Cowboy choke… discussed issues, entries, and possible escape based on positioning.


Rolling: (7 mins, 1 min break)
1. Morgo
2. Cole
3. Britney


BJJ is great…

BJJ is awesome…

BJJ keeps me sane…



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Sun June 28/15 BJJ

9 am LEMMA loner workout…

1. Squats 135 lbs, 5 sets, 18 reps
2. Bench 135 lbs, 4 sets, 18 reps


Box Jumps:
1. Box Jumps, 24 in, 4 sets, 13 reps

2. Box Jumps, 30 in, 1 set, 8 reps

3. Box Jumps, 24 in + 20 in, once with a running start…

I had to take a running start…

I will be able complete this one day on the spot lol…

I tried resting at the top…

Gonna have to try more…

Felt weird for the other jumps especially trying to do it at a fast pace…


Then 11am BJJ… WORD UP!!

Even swept the mat before Justin rolled in…

Technique was all about the loop chokes, reviewed, drilled, drilled with resistance, then drilled some more…



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