May 8/16 Sun BJJ




Sun July 25/15 Morning BJJ

Got to LEMMA around 9:30 am… no motivation but hey…


Yep… Stationary rowing… fantastic. Unfortunately no lifting. Didn’t want to risk weights with a really bad joint.


But 4 sets of 10 mins… every set beating the other… yes I was spent this morning.

Attendees included Katerina, Brittany, Jared, Scott, Gary, & Jesse… yes the king of Nogi… he came into learn some GI chokes. Fantastic!!

Warm-up was standard with jogging around the mat, lunges, forward/backwards rolling/shrimping and even butt scooting.


Drilling consisted of the x-pass, bull fighter-pass, knee slice-pass, turtle guard switches to even a harness back take and submission string follow up if you felt comfortable doing it… 2 min per person as fast as possible then switch. I drilled with Scotty which was nice because usually, there is an odd number of people.

Jesse came in at roughly 11:30 am… So he missed the warm-up and drilling. Oh well. Dude is getting technique in with a GI…

Heck he’s in a GI… BOOM

Technique review discussed the cross collar while inside the closed guard using the cross side lapel, as well as in side control, knee on belly, and even when fully mounted. We then reviewed the paper cutter choke from side control. Coach Matt was in and he showed a different variation of the paper cutter choke which required going to north south first which was cool and probably the first variation that was taught to me.


The guys spent 2 mins repping the technique each. I had them asked questions on how to make the submission theirs and how to make it work for them.


Had everyone roll 5 min rounds. I sat out due to my finger hyper extension. The beast sushi had to leave due to the kids fighting. The homies rolled about 3 rounds each. Lets just say I was really impressed by the way Jared rolled. He hasn’t been OTM for over a month… and wow. Great stuff!!


Definitely, I got sweaty from the rowing then drill session.

Back to the Buskers Festival for a mid day meal… I was determined to get some beef vindaloo lol.



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Fri July 3/15 Open Mat

Got to LEMMA round 4pm…

Damn I was tired…

Didn’t even want to train.


Stationary Rowing, 4 sets of 10 mins.


At least what I did was better then staying home and watching TV lol.

Still came in to get time OTM.

Matt Veal was in shadow boxing and stuff for a bit.

Was actually hoping no one would show up to Roll…


Big Red came in… then Jesse Veltri, Shat Prof Nathan, Marco, then Rupert lol… damn.

Gotta roll…

Nothing like having others help push you.

Rolling: (10 min rounds, 1 min breaks)
1. Big Red
2. Jesse
3. Jesse
4. Nathan

DAMN Big Red is getting bigger… starting to use his weight better. Jesse is all about pushing the pace, fantastic pressure as usual. Nathan is all about his top game and is slowly developing his bottom game lately. Love this. Love the group of guys we have. Diverse set of skill sets. Different concepts to bring to the table, with different styles, & games.

Keep evolving, keep growing. My game is only as good as how much my homies push me. Even though I didn’t even want to show up!



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Sat May 23/15 S&C morning then 2pm BJJ

My boy is 5 months today… crazy lol. TIME flies. Soon he’ll be crawling or standing. Grabbed my coffee at 8:30 am. Got to the Complex at 8:40 am.

The little guy was restless. Must have been excited to see the girls.

Didn’t even have my coffee was too damn hot and left it in the car lol.

Honestly, I didn’t want to train…

Especially without my medium black coffee…

I pushed through though, lol.

I even upped the stakes…


Lifting: (135 lbs)

1. Squats, 5 sets, 14 Reps
2. Bench Press, 5 sets, 13 Reps
3. Vanity Crunches, 5 sets, 100 Reps

Conditioning: (10 mins, L6)

1. 1660 m
2. 1756 m


Morgan was in Minneapolis for the Submission Challenge so I covered the Saturday rundown….

Alex the bear grizzly, Jesse the machine doogle, and Katrina showed up… I really can’t blame anyone for not showing up. It was sunny and beautiful out.


The rest… lets just say in BJJ your partners and coaches will push you to make you better!

Warm Up: (Drilling)

  1. Arm bars from closed guard, 20 reps alternating sides
  2. Hip bump sweep from closed guard, 20 reps alternating sides
  3. Kimura from closed guard, 20 reps alternating sides
  4. Marcelotine’s, from closed guard, 20 reps alternating sides
  5. Omaplata’s, with over hook, from closed guard, 20 reps alternating sides
  6. Spider guard switches, from closed guard, 20 reps alternating sides
  7. Side control switches guard, 20 reps alternating sides


1. Cross collar grip, from closed guard, shave the chin, or wait for your opponent to grab your forearm in their defense, pop the elbow, then transition into arm bar using heel in the far side and hips really high. 20 reps alternating sides.

Great clip below showing this technique as well as finishing other choke variants…

2. Cross collar grip knuckle on the mat, from mount, pop the elbow,  slap the mat, shave the chin, or wait for your opponent to grab your forearm in their defense then pop the elbow, switch to s-mount, switch arm hooks, hook a leg or grab pant Gi, leg over the head then finish on top or seat down extending arm bar. 20 reps alternating sides.

The following clip discusses the topside cross collar with both the over and under grips… he even touches on the transition for the topside arm bar…

Great clip discussing the seated arm bar from s-mount…

I got the guys to rep this out multiple times… and even reviewed the finer points on making sure you slapping the mat and shaving the face on the top, and shaving the face while someone is in  your guard .


I want to congratulate Morgan, Hassan, and Jesse on their performances SAT at Submission Hunt in Minneapolis…

The fact that you went and competed, I wish I could have been there…

Always successful in my eyes!

Everything else is just icing on the cake…?


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Sat May 16/15


Boom… got to the Complex around 8:45 am…

Dropped  the baby off at their daycare…

Yes first time doing this on a Saturday and alone…

Felt awkward dropping him off alone

Gotta get the wife a some sleep. Little dude was up all night.

Lifting: (12 Reps, 5 Sets, 135 lbs)

  1. Squats, 8:50 to 9:00 am
  2. Bench Press, 9:05 to 9:20 am
  3. Crunches for vanity, 5 sets, 100 reps

Conditioning: (Stationary Rowing, L6)

  1. 500 m, 2:24 mins
  2. 500 m, 2:21 mins
  3. 500 m, 2:08 mins

Some improvement when I push!!


Cool Youtube clip with a nice submission below… 

Felipe Preguiça x Victor Honório, the final Copa Da Pódio

Published on May 14, 2015

Hope to see y’all out tomorrow morning at 11 am BJJ