Fri July 3/15 Open Mat

Got to LEMMA round 4pm…

Damn I was tired…

Didn’t even want to train.


Stationary Rowing, 4 sets of 10 mins.


At least what I did was better then staying home and watching TV lol.

Still came in to get time OTM.

Matt Veal was in shadow boxing and stuff for a bit.

Was actually hoping no one would show up to Roll…


Big Red came in… then Jesse Veltri, Shat Prof Nathan, Marco, then Rupert lol… damn.

Gotta roll…

Nothing like having others help push you.

Rolling: (10 min rounds, 1 min breaks)
1. Big Red
2. Jesse
3. Jesse
4. Nathan

DAMN Big Red is getting bigger… starting to use his weight better. Jesse is all about pushing the pace, fantastic pressure as usual. Nathan is all about his top game and is slowly developing his bottom game lately. Love this. Love the group of guys we have. Diverse set of skill sets. Different concepts to bring to the table, with different styles, & games.

Keep evolving, keep growing. My game is only as good as how much my homies push me. Even though I didn’t even want to show up!



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