July 23/15 BJJ

Yep… 5:30 pm BJJ…


Wait… it was nogi  hahahah….

Yep nogi… warmup was arm drags and swimming… swimming for under hooks while standing.

Loved the take downs series from the collar tie with a reversal from the 2 on 1 to a drag down or a step through… and the review for the back control defense by sliding down after breaking grips was beautiful… I partnered with Marco the whole class. All we did was rep these techs. My kinda class.

Thorburn has a different style of grappling, really hard to simulate while rolling with others. Picking off relevant techniques and his approach to the art is what will make you evolve to become a better artist.



For those that missed out… You suck.



I’m still sore from the shark tank yesterday… 😦


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