Rickson’s Opinion on the Gracie Academy vs Carlson Gracie Team Rivalry | Bjj Eastern Europe


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Wed July 29/15 6:30 pm BJJ

Got to LEMMA around 6:00 pm… wasn’t sure I should have come out but hey…


Morning was a doosey…

Rowing was fantastic!!


Dave was running the show but had to leave at 7:00 pm… he had us review from butterfly a shin guard sweep with a heel pick, a hip push sweep variation… when he left I took over, we ended up reviewing the knee push sweep variation, double shin sweep and hip sweep with double heel picks…

Below is a great reference to some of the sweeps we reviewed by Jason Skully…

I then got the guys to roll… 5 min rounds. I rolled with Steve, and Travis, both fairly new white belts. Steve is over 200 lbs, while Travis is pushing 180 lbs… yes bigger boys but hey! they gotta train and roll too.


Great class… great butterfly sweeps from Dave!

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