June 26/16 11 am Sunday Morning BJJ




We trained… beautiful day as well. Didn’t expect many, but a hey a few did show up!!! Ossssss!!

Congrats to Jrock on his weekend success!! 

Hope my kid takes to BJJ like him… he’s grown so much. Love watching him grow!!

Beast!! he takes after his dad in size… heavyweight!
Him and his dad barely miss the Sunday Jams!! train train train, your work will show!! shity with my working out of town in the summers…. but hey, I work so I can train lol. Winter is when I can train.


Even got some stretching, mat cleanliness and b-balling… yep always fun times when you have the gym to your self at 9:00 am lol…

Then the class…


But again good…

We did a 15 min warm-up, then got the homies to rep out micro movements for the x-pass/knee-belly/spinning arm-bar, then reviewed a typical closed guard x-collar strangle, and then we rolled 2×10 min rounds.




May 23/16 Random Holiday Morning BJJ


Repped out x-pass to arm-bar a few times, then rolled 5×4 mins rounds with Josh and Justin.

Barn burning rounds lol… these young guys keep me on my toes lol.



Dec 26/15 Boxing Day BJJ

Yes… I fell behind.


Whether its read or not. Don’t matter. Its my gibberish.

Boxing day a was a great day of shopping and finding sales… got up early.

Real early lol.

Fed the monkey’s me and the wife had a small bite and we hit the road…

Lots of random deals, not much though.

I SWEAR there was more last year.

Nothing you don’t really need to survive lol… either way it was nice to get out of the house and burn a few calories walking around the mall with the wife and baby. Time with the family is important.

The mall was empty when we got there… when we left. The parking lot was full. People fighting for our spot lol. Yep nuts…

Either way the someone posted on our gyms group page asking if anyone wanted to train… reality was, I was planning on hanging with the wife and family for the day, especially with all the training I do already…

But, the post felt heart felt… lonely.

Almost loser like. I gotta heart man.



Either way got permission from the wife to go in… yep. Posted a reply… Kait also agreed to join in, all to meet for 2 pm.

Not too shortly after… dude bails on the session.

Really buddy? Like really?

I managed to rearrange my schedule to help you out. Maybe I need to be more selfish with my time.

Bunch of BS as far as I’m concerned… should have just figured dude was gonna bail due to the other numerous other occurrences, what ever, your loss.


Not sure if he’s actually interested in BJJ or just wants to be associated with BJJ and the idea of cool people rolling.

Training BJJ and the cool ass lifestyle that comes with it…


All I know is the mat don’t lie and your actions speaks larger then words. Made up excuses don’t help with your journey… you only lied to yourself.

Public shaming possibly?

Providing we’re practically the only legit BJJ club in town… respect, honour, integrity doesn’t travel too far within our little training ground and BJJ community up here in the sticks. Where else you gonna train homie? In your basement?

Especially when you find out what was obvious is obvious…



Either way, I still managed to get some training in… actually a lot.

Thanks to only Kait that showed up, when someone else bailed.

We reviewed a basic closed guard arm-bar…. wooo hooo. Loved it!

NERD shit!!

Cool ass clip I made below Osssss…


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Tues July 14/15 Lifting, Picnic, then Nogi

Met up with Travis and hit up the Complex early in the morning. Love the fact they have a day care…

1. Squats, 135 lbs, 5 sets, 18 reps
2. Bench, 135 lbs, 4 sets, 18 reps
3. Crunches, 4 sets, 18 reps

Went to the local Teddy Bear Picnic at a local park with G, met up with another  other couple with a kid his age or close lol… by 3 months hahahah cute.


Wifey got home in time for me to get ready for 5:30 pm , nogi… yes nogi…


Yes gotta train nogi.. partnered with Jesse Vetri… yes he came to a class lol… crazy… pigs are flying. Dude trains jitz twice a day. Second actual class I’ve seen him attend this year, he’s probably attended other lol. My one Sunday class, then this lol… he is getting ready for Masters Worlds… one day I’ll make it. More, mat time is important, especially to work on and refine technique.


Matthew Thorburn reviewed a string of closed guard attacks set up from an arm drag, with a lat grip. Love these wooo.


Emma then joined to work on these techniques. Emma is a freak wrestler who is slowly adjusting to playing off her back… slowly.


She has been away for over a year working on her wrestling and competitions with the University she attends locally here. FANTASTIC!!

1. Emma Horner
2. Morgo Razer Frazer
3. Colin the 220 lbs white belt with an Aikido back ground

Fun rounds… Emma with her deadly head snaps downs to gilliotine… she fights tooth and nail for the takedown… must be a wrestling thing lol…


I ended up pulling guard, she wasn’t happy lol. Then I transitioned to a single leg. Oops hahah.


Morgo was just flowing which was nice… dude busted his foot again. Rest up homie. Seriously lol.



Rolling with Colin was a tough as usual. Dude is always rolling hard lol.
Oh well… especially with a big guy who is basically just figuring out how to use a fantastic base. Especially when he fights tooth and nail for the top game…


Yes smaller purple belts have problems with bigger guys especially when there is a 60 lbs to 70 lbs weight difference and that they have been training for a while…


Weight does make a difference when skill catches up…


Oh well, I always end up focusing on my sweep and closed guard game with him… he will learn.

Hopefully we see you out tomorrow!



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Wed June 17/15 BJJ

Arm bars, arm bars…

We be doing arm bars…


Got to to LEMMA around 6pm, got volunteered amongst other peoples to be a dummy for the rug rats…


They practiced the good old fashioned  closed guard guillotine excellent work homies!

The future of BJJ… Osss.

Diesel ran the class today…

Warm up was my favourite with repping out arm bar swings, 10 on each side and then the good old fashioned hip bump sweeps.

For those of you that attend my Sunday classes, you know there are about 8 or 9 other drills we run down… Oss.

Partnered with Josh the beast Daluca, yep beast. Strong like bull, moves like one too. >

Tired with all the traveling, flying, driving and super long traveling weekend festivities, from the little monkey being up, the long working day but hey…


BTW, Congrats Pon on the wedding in London which i did attend on Saturday


Then the drive down from Thunder Bay for my boy Morgan Razer Frazer in Minneapolis… bup bup!!


BJJ all the way son!

Diesel got us to work on a few variations of an arm bar then one into a sweep.

King of the mat starting from closed guard, then rolling afterwards.

First, I got grouped with Josh, & Jesse. Physical phenoms lol… athletic smashers lol. It was fun and I got pushed around. Second, I got grouped with Philippe, & Marc. Yep pushed around lol… then it was Luke and Juno lol. Man, only Marco was my size lol.

Rolling: (4 min rounds, 30 sec breaks)
1. Josh the beast Daluca
2. Jesse quicky McDougall
3. Philippe the Frencher Jecker
4. Marco Polo

Great rounds, and I got pushed. Sometimes rolling with bigger guys puts my technical ability to the test and reminds me that technique rules all


They are STRONGER, they are more muscular. I muscle back, I’m smaller, they win the strength and push battle I gas, & I can die.

Not smart, had to change my strategies… lol especially when a bull mounts you yep.


Defensive and ‘A’ game to live… weather the storm and wait for openings

Chugged a bunch of water

WORD… lol


See you Friday for Open Mat

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Wed June 10/15 BJJ

Got to LEMMA around ummm 6pm… yesterday was mentally draining.


Meeting was what made the day irritable, but I got through it.

Little guy has been teething for a week… poor monkey.


Rolled with Diesel for a whole 15 mins.

Damn son… ape of a man on top of you ehhhhh! lol


Diesel coached the class. He went through some arm-bar variations & an omaplata sweep with one of the entries.

I partnered with big boy Tony Ton to rep the techniques…

Rolling: (4 min Rnds)
1. Tony
2. Richard



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Sat May 23/15 S&C morning then 2pm BJJ

My boy is 5 months today… crazy lol. TIME flies. Soon he’ll be crawling or standing. Grabbed my coffee at 8:30 am. Got to the Complex at 8:40 am.

The little guy was restless. Must have been excited to see the girls.

Didn’t even have my coffee was too damn hot and left it in the car lol.

Honestly, I didn’t want to train…

Especially without my medium black coffee…

I pushed through though, lol.

I even upped the stakes…


Lifting: (135 lbs)

1. Squats, 5 sets, 14 Reps
2. Bench Press, 5 sets, 13 Reps
3. Vanity Crunches, 5 sets, 100 Reps

Conditioning: (10 mins, L6)

1. 1660 m
2. 1756 m


Morgan was in Minneapolis for the Submission Challenge so I covered the Saturday rundown….

Alex the bear grizzly, Jesse the machine doogle, and Katrina showed up… I really can’t blame anyone for not showing up. It was sunny and beautiful out.


The rest… lets just say in BJJ your partners and coaches will push you to make you better!

Warm Up: (Drilling)

  1. Arm bars from closed guard, 20 reps alternating sides
  2. Hip bump sweep from closed guard, 20 reps alternating sides
  3. Kimura from closed guard, 20 reps alternating sides
  4. Marcelotine’s, from closed guard, 20 reps alternating sides
  5. Omaplata’s, with over hook, from closed guard, 20 reps alternating sides
  6. Spider guard switches, from closed guard, 20 reps alternating sides
  7. Side control switches guard, 20 reps alternating sides


1. Cross collar grip, from closed guard, shave the chin, or wait for your opponent to grab your forearm in their defense, pop the elbow, then transition into arm bar using heel in the far side and hips really high. 20 reps alternating sides.

Great clip below showing this technique as well as finishing other choke variants…

2. Cross collar grip knuckle on the mat, from mount, pop the elbow,  slap the mat, shave the chin, or wait for your opponent to grab your forearm in their defense then pop the elbow, switch to s-mount, switch arm hooks, hook a leg or grab pant Gi, leg over the head then finish on top or seat down extending arm bar. 20 reps alternating sides.

The following clip discusses the topside cross collar with both the over and under grips… he even touches on the transition for the topside arm bar…

Great clip discussing the seated arm bar from s-mount…

I got the guys to rep this out multiple times… and even reviewed the finer points on making sure you slapping the mat and shaving the face on the top, and shaving the face while someone is in  your guard .


I want to congratulate Morgan, Hassan, and Jesse on their performances SAT at Submission Hunt in Minneapolis…

The fact that you went and competed, I wish I could have been there…

Always successful in my eyes!

Everything else is just icing on the cake…?


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