Wed June 17/15 BJJ

Arm bars, arm bars…

We be doing arm bars…


Got to to LEMMA around 6pm, got volunteered amongst other peoples to be a dummy for the rug rats…


They practiced the good old fashioned  closed guard guillotine excellent work homies!

The future of BJJ… Osss.

Diesel ran the class today…

Warm up was my favourite with repping out arm bar swings, 10 on each side and then the good old fashioned hip bump sweeps.

For those of you that attend my Sunday classes, you know there are about 8 or 9 other drills we run down… Oss.

Partnered with Josh the beast Daluca, yep beast. Strong like bull, moves like one too. >

Tired with all the traveling, flying, driving and super long traveling weekend festivities, from the little monkey being up, the long working day but hey…


BTW, Congrats Pon on the wedding in London which i did attend on Saturday


Then the drive down from Thunder Bay for my boy Morgan Razer Frazer in Minneapolis… bup bup!!


BJJ all the way son!

Diesel got us to work on a few variations of an arm bar then one into a sweep.

King of the mat starting from closed guard, then rolling afterwards.

First, I got grouped with Josh, & Jesse. Physical phenoms lol… athletic smashers lol. It was fun and I got pushed around. Second, I got grouped with Philippe, & Marc. Yep pushed around lol… then it was Luke and Juno lol. Man, only Marco was my size lol.

Rolling: (4 min rounds, 30 sec breaks)
1. Josh the beast Daluca
2. Jesse quicky McDougall
3. Philippe the Frencher Jecker
4. Marco Polo

Great rounds, and I got pushed. Sometimes rolling with bigger guys puts my technical ability to the test and reminds me that technique rules all


They are STRONGER, they are more muscular. I muscle back, I’m smaller, they win the strength and push battle I gas, & I can die.

Not smart, had to change my strategies… lol especially when a bull mounts you yep.


Defensive and ‘A’ game to live… weather the storm and wait for openings

Chugged a bunch of water

WORD… lol


See you Friday for Open Mat

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