Tues July 14/15 Lifting, Picnic, then Nogi

Met up with Travis and hit up the Complex early in the morning. Love the fact they have a day care…

1. Squats, 135 lbs, 5 sets, 18 reps
2. Bench, 135 lbs, 4 sets, 18 reps
3. Crunches, 4 sets, 18 reps

Went to the local Teddy Bear Picnic at a local park with G, met up with another  other couple with a kid his age or close lol… by 3 months hahahah cute.


Wifey got home in time for me to get ready for 5:30 pm , nogi… yes nogi…


Yes gotta train nogi.. partnered with Jesse Vetri… yes he came to a class lol… crazy… pigs are flying. Dude trains jitz twice a day. Second actual class I’ve seen him attend this year, he’s probably attended other lol. My one Sunday class, then this lol… he is getting ready for Masters Worlds… one day I’ll make it. More, mat time is important, especially to work on and refine technique.


Matthew Thorburn reviewed a string of closed guard attacks set up from an arm drag, with a lat grip. Love these wooo.


Emma then joined to work on these techniques. Emma is a freak wrestler who is slowly adjusting to playing off her back… slowly.


She has been away for over a year working on her wrestling and competitions with the University she attends locally here. FANTASTIC!!

1. Emma Horner
2. Morgo Razer Frazer
3. Colin the 220 lbs white belt with an Aikido back ground

Fun rounds… Emma with her deadly head snaps downs to gilliotine… she fights tooth and nail for the takedown… must be a wrestling thing lol…


I ended up pulling guard, she wasn’t happy lol. Then I transitioned to a single leg. Oops hahah.


Morgo was just flowing which was nice… dude busted his foot again. Rest up homie. Seriously lol.



Rolling with Colin was a tough as usual. Dude is always rolling hard lol.
Oh well… especially with a big guy who is basically just figuring out how to use a fantastic base. Especially when he fights tooth and nail for the top game…


Yes smaller purple belts have problems with bigger guys especially when there is a 60 lbs to 70 lbs weight difference and that they have been training for a while…


Weight does make a difference when skill catches up…


Oh well, I always end up focusing on my sweep and closed guard game with him… he will learn.

Hopefully we see you out tomorrow!



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