Dec 26/15 Boxing Day BJJ

Yes… I fell behind.


Whether its read or not. Don’t matter. Its my gibberish.

Boxing day a was a great day of shopping and finding sales… got up early.

Real early lol.

Fed the monkey’s me and the wife had a small bite and we hit the road…

Lots of random deals, not much though.

I SWEAR there was more last year.

Nothing you don’t really need to survive lol… either way it was nice to get out of the house and burn a few calories walking around the mall with the wife and baby. Time with the family is important.

The mall was empty when we got there… when we left. The parking lot was full. People fighting for our spot lol. Yep nuts…

Either way the someone posted on our gyms group page asking if anyone wanted to train… reality was, I was planning on hanging with the wife and family for the day, especially with all the training I do already…

But, the post felt heart felt… lonely.

Almost loser like. I gotta heart man.



Either way got permission from the wife to go in… yep. Posted a reply… Kait also agreed to join in, all to meet for 2 pm.

Not too shortly after… dude bails on the session.

Really buddy? Like really?

I managed to rearrange my schedule to help you out. Maybe I need to be more selfish with my time.

Bunch of BS as far as I’m concerned… should have just figured dude was gonna bail due to the other numerous other occurrences, what ever, your loss.


Not sure if he’s actually interested in BJJ or just wants to be associated with BJJ and the idea of cool people rolling.

Training BJJ and the cool ass lifestyle that comes with it…


All I know is the mat don’t lie and your actions speaks larger then words. Made up excuses don’t help with your journey… you only lied to yourself.

Public shaming possibly?

Providing we’re practically the only legit BJJ club in town… respect, honour, integrity doesn’t travel too far within our little training ground and BJJ community up here in the sticks. Where else you gonna train homie? In your basement?

Especially when you find out what was obvious is obvious…



Either way, I still managed to get some training in… actually a lot.

Thanks to only Kait that showed up, when someone else bailed.

We reviewed a basic closed guard arm-bar…. wooo hooo. Loved it!

NERD shit!!

Cool ass clip I made below Osssss…


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