Jan 17/16 Sun Morning BJJ



In hopes they continue the journey!

Got to LEMMA around 9:10 am… no Keith the paramedic guy. Oh well at least it was a quite morning like most for the past few years lol. Aside for when Nathan used to join me to lift which burnt time for sure. Always been a good opportunity to reflect. Zoning out is hard when someone is trying to talk to you lol.


I want to zone out when I train… I want to be in a state of constant metacognition, subconsciously learning during a really long roll. Is that even a thing? Can you zone out while driving, running, rolling and continually be able to function while doing such things effectively? am I speaking outa my ass? how is this possible? I used to train Muay, play soccer, tennis, snow board, lift weights regularly, and a lot of freaking basketball.

Zoning out while performing those activities was easy… in the moment.

Yep all these activities while I was younger… pretty good at them in fact, or at least I thought lol. 
While rolling it is even easier, that is, when all the stars are aligned lol… great temperature, trance beat, great vibes, seriously the here, the now.
No injuries, great flow, surviving, moving from one position to the next, countering your opponents counter and not even thinking about it.
Just doing it.

Just do it!!





Thinking about the best way to be thinking?

A higher order thinking?

Control over the cognitive processes engaged in learning?


Must be talking out my ass…

Zoned out while rolling…

Shit can’t be real…

But being in the moment… is real.



I need this…allows my internal state to resonate within my inner self to reconnect with the world and feel alive.


I did roll.

Not good though wrist got grabbed and banged up, even though it was taped. Man. messed… stupid me.

A clip of us training this past Sunday morning…

Took Monday to Friday off this week… hopefully it will help.

Rest is part of your BJJ journey… ain’t a sprint homie, make it last!

A piece of my own advice… straight up!!

See y’all OTM soon.

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