Battle Balm… or Tiger Balm?

Finally getting this done… got a couple more days to yip about.

Nutty lol… after worldwide traveling I finally got it last week lol…




Budapest, HUNGARY

Just saying… I’m wishing I was this product!

Couldn’t have come in a better time as my wrist is still mangled.

Anywho, got hooked up with a cute T-shirt to which I will absolutely be wearing… shoulders look huge in them btw, Oh and some really cool stickers.!!

Owner of the company trains BJJ, so he’s got my bye-in that its legit!




Ironic eh? 37 and loves stickers…

Look what I got… #battlebalm Will blog about it soon! Thanks Dylan Jawahir!! Ossss

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My kids… gonna love me when they gets older… I put stickers on everything.

Car, electronics, my wife if she would give me permission lol hahahaha.

Nerd dad hah!!

This stuff works… seriously. Scent is minimal, didn’t burn my partners eyes, and best of all lasted for quite, heck a lot longer then Tiger Balm. Yes you heard it, better than Tiger Balm. Way better. Doesn’t feel like it’s burning the skin… more of a deep penetrating feel, with a very long lasting approach. Maybe its just the placebo effect from the whole BJJ thing.

Regardless, I highly recommend!!


In some cases it lasted for 3 to 4 hours… mind you, I was wearing a neoprene wrist reinforcement slip with the balm on. Whereas, Tiger Balm only an hour… yep great stuff.


Price point may be higher… but hey! What kind of price do you put on your body, especially when your only born with one?

Anywho, I’ll buy it again!