June 26/16 11 am Sunday Morning BJJ




We trained… beautiful day as well. Didn’t expect many, but a hey a few did show up!!! Ossssss!!

Congrats to Jrock on his weekend success!! 

Hope my kid takes to BJJ like him… he’s grown so much. Love watching him grow!!

Beast!! he takes after his dad in size… heavyweight!
Him and his dad barely miss the Sunday Jams!! train train train, your work will show!! shity with my working out of town in the summers…. but hey, I work so I can train lol. Winter is when I can train.


Even got some stretching, mat cleanliness and b-balling… yep always fun times when you have the gym to your self at 9:00 am lol…

Then the class…


But again good…

We did a 15 min warm-up, then got the homies to rep out micro movements for the x-pass/knee-belly/spinning arm-bar, then reviewed a typical closed guard x-collar strangle, and then we rolled 2×10 min rounds.




May 15/16 Sun BJJ



Always gotta get some kinda strength and conditioning in before the homies come in lol…

Smaller class with 15 min warm-up, 45 mins of drilling the x-pass by it self, then chaining the arm-bar, and then to kimura. We then reviewed a back take double lapel strangle from full harness or seat belt.

Clip of us rolling…


Nov 30/15 BJJ

Ooooo yah, baby and wife are sleeping… glass of scotch tonight.

Weird raining today…


All caught up…

Got to LEMMA around 5:30 pm lastnight… pitch black out.

Damn-it… pitch black.

Taped my foot up… tones of tape. Didn’t wear my contacts… ibuprofen, oh and coffee. Yep training blind lol… gotta keep showing up. You always learn something new.


Trying to just roll instead of watching stupid shit lol…

-9 & -9 Astigmatism… yeppers.

Had a nice long as roll with Eric… fun times. He’s improvement is remarkable. Must be the natural wrestling abilities lol.

Butt scoot wrestling haha!


Thor had us review the X-pass, smash-pass, to knee-slice sequence using your head to the floor, under hook far side and near side arm grip to finish… badass.

He even added pursay if your opponent didn’t open up with the under-hook on the far side to turn the knee outwards then attack the mount instead… I believe the idea was that you had options, pending on how your partner and how they reacted on the bottom, instead of just trying to force one pass.

You have a multitude of options by redirecting yourself from one side of the body to the other with that knee, using grips with pressure to stabilize their upper body, and using your opponents direction to dictate the path of least resistance for the best possible solution.


Nice clip from the x-pass to smash-pass transitioning.

Nice clip with drilling and the ability to be mobile moving side to side for more options.

The following clip is nice because it actually discusses how you bury the head and reach for the under-hook to flatten your partner to finish the knee slice. It also reviews other grips as well as my favorite the collar variation lol

Word… up!!

Any way great class… loved the light rolling with wrestler Eric… great job buddy. Focus on the technique your doing great!!



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Nov 25/15 5:30pm BJJ

One more and I’m caught up…

Boom Shackalacka!!

Picked up G from Daycare today… dude was sick. Scratching his ears, coughing. Presumably an ear infection at the time… yep shitty.

Picked up Indian food from the Monsoon… their food was freaken off the hook… I highly recommend. Other then the damn, dining location and the tandoori chicken that was raw and overly under cooked, which just required extra time in our oven. Everything tasted exquisite, light and very delightful!

10 outa 10 for taste, but definitely could have been spicier lol

We didn’t sleep all night on Wednesday. Poor kid, definitely picked it up from daycare. Crying, screaming, and coughing… a lot of Tylenol, and sleeping sitting up to relieve pressure. I had to take the day off to take him to the clinic. Yeppers Wednesday night kinda sucked.


On the flip side…

BJJ was fantastic lol… got to LEMMA around 5:45 pm.

Rolled with the big June buggy before class.


Thor ran the class…

Partnered with Caleb. He had us review the X-pass, smash-pass, then the arm-triangle…

Great class… love that submission.


Don’t forget to tap…lol 

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